Brazilian General and VP Candidate Unleashes ‘Racist Tirade’


General Antonio Hamilton Mourão (PRTB) said on Monday that the “cultural dish” of Brazil is made up of indigenous “indolence”, the “trickery” of Africans and “Iberian heritage.”

The scandalous speech was made at an event of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Caxias do Sul and was the first time the general publicly spoke since officially being announced as the running mate of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

“We have a cultural heritage, an inheritance, and many people enjoy this privilege. But there is a tendency for the patriot to want that privilege for himself,” he said. “It can not be so,” he continued.

“This inheritance of privilege is an Iberian heritage. We have a certain inheritance of indolence [laziness], which comes from the indigenous culture,” his racist tirade began.  “I’m an Indian. My father is an Amazonian,” he said in the attempt to justify his outburst.

“And the trickster, Edson Rosa [a black councilman at the table of the Chamber], nothing against him, but the trickery comes from the African,” he barked shamelessly.

“So, this is our cultural crucible,” said Mourão.

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Edson da Rosa (MDB) is a councilor in Caxias do Sul and participated in the event which marked the launch of the candidacy of Lieutenant Colonel Luciano Zucco to state deputy.

Mourão is president of the Military Club and is known for his defense of the use of military intervention as a political tool. He was made the official deputy of Bolsonaro after the federal deputy sought and failed to recruit other people like lawyer Janaína Paschoal. Another big name envisioned for the place next to Bolsonaro was Luiz Phillippe Orleans and Bragança, heir of the Brazilian royal family.

Bolsonaro is a neoliberal that aims to sell all of Brazil’s natural resources to corporations, but claims to be a patriot. He models himself as the Brazilian Donald Trump and has the support of the country’s powerful right-wing Evangelical following, who account for at least 25% of Brazil’s population.

Meanwhile, FRN has previously published an exclusive analysis of the Brazilian election situation by New Resistance Brazil’s Raphael Machado, who argues that Bolsonaro is the “lesser evil” compared to candidate Geraldo Alckmin, who represents “all the organized power of national and international neoliberalism.” Machado argues that the “sensationalization” of Bolsonaro’s candidacy as “racist” serves the purpose of presenting Alckmin as a “reasonable” candidate, a move in which he has the backing of most of the Brazilian political establishment and media.

In the very least, this dilemma demonstrates the volatile situation into which Brazilian politics has descended since the impeachment “soft coup” against ex-President Dilma Rousseff, which saw the installment of the US’ puppet neoliberal Michel Temer.

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