Brazilians Are FED UP With ‘JURISTOCRACY’

By Raphael Machado


By Raphael Machado, New Resistance Brazil –

However much we may disagree with the Enlightenment mode of state organization, based on the notion of division into three powers, each exercising part of sovereign power, we must affirm that in the very least this form of organization of institutions is reasonably orderly and allows for clearly understanding the functioning of the State, also evidencing possible violations of the prerogatives of each power.

The delegitimization of party politics, however, which in turn is inevitable in liberal democracies and derives from the subordination of the political function to the economic function and from the degradation of politics into mere bourgeois talk, has allowed for the rise of the handlers of that portion of the state that is most far from partisan politics: the Judiciary.

Believing in its own intellectual and moral superiority, the Brazilian Judiciary is controlled by a small handful of families who perpetuate themselves, generation after generation, in the seats of justices, judges, prosecutors, and defenders.

The Brazilian judiciary is fundamentally an oligarchy. With their close mutual relations, these families can build “shortcuts” so that their younger generations can reach the highest Brazilian legal positions.

The increasing discrediting of the Executive and the Legislative has led the Judiciary to the wildest delusions of grandeur. Any jurist knows that from the first university law courses, students’ minds are instilled with the idea that the Judiciary is “pure”, “enlightened”, “educated” and that it has the function of “guiding” the Brazilian people.

This is the propaganda spread in universities by the militants of “judicial activism.”

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And where do the “enlightened sages” of the Judiciary, who have conquered their doctorates at the Sorbonne, Coimbra or Harvard, want to guide the poor and “ignorant” Brazilian people? It seems to ever more intense levels of liberalism.

The Judiciary is one of the bastions of the liberal globalist elites. They want to turn Brazil into a Sweden, a “paradise” of progressive bourgeois moralism. Their rise is another step in the decline of Brazilian liberal democracy with its replacement by a liberal juristocracy, in which judges feel free to legislate openly, especially against the interests and beliefs of the people.

The Brazilian people, for example, are opposed to abortion, gay marriage, arms, and oppose privatization, while preferring state intervention in the economy. In disregard of this, however, the juristocracy has given total and absolute endorsement to EVERYTHING that goes against the beliefs of the Brazilian people.

The Judiciary is part of an elite that fears and hates the people. It is a tool of globalist neocolonialism which thinks that the greatest wonder in the world is mirroring everything that countries like Holland and Sweden have done wrong.

The people are tired of this juristocracy. The people want the return of true politics – a politics that is not afraid to designate these and other members of the elite as public enemies.


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