by Jonathan Azaziah – Jummah Mubarak to the Mighty Moujahideen of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance. Before the blood of the Durayhimi IDP Camp Massacre martyrs even dried on the beaches of Hudaydah, Ansarullah got right to work to avenge the dead and exact a major cost from the murderous Saudi and Emirati despots.

The strike-back started in Al-Bayda. Yemen’s guardians unleashed their Sammad-2 drones to lead a counter-offensive against Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s mercenaries in the Ghaniyeh district, killing and wounding dozens as well lighting up tens of millions of dollars worth of US-UK-provided military hardware. Next up was the ultra-vital battlefield of Ma’rib.

Yemen’s defenders hit the districts of Serwah, Damnah and Harib Nihm. Dozens more were scorched and transported to the hellfire, including Muhammad al-Holisi, the Saudi commander of the brutal Brigade 312 that is linked to kidnappings, rapes and civilian-killings across Ma’rib and the outskirts of Sanaa. And in the pièce de résistance, Ansarullah fired two homemade Zelzal-1s into Saudi gatherings in the historically Yemeni, Saudi-occupied province of Jizan–where the Saba Mouqawamah has a firm presence after liberating tens of square miles–nailing the area of Malhama and its surroundings.

Each projectile scored a direct hit and the House of Saud is continuing to pull its hellbound men from the rubble. Between all three Mouqawamist operations, the Saudi-Emirati casualty count is near 80 and the number of injuries is close to 200–totals that will go up. Justice delivered in a typically spectacular display from Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s dauntless men.

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The families of the Durayhimi IDP Camp Massacre, especially the Dahfash family–the one from which most of the martyrs and wounded came–remain grieving however. Their hearts are bearing a burden that the average Westerner and Khaleeji could never cope with–not in a million years coupled with a million lifetimes. We mustn’t be insensitive to their pain. Nor dismissive of it. But knowing that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its allies in the Yemeni Armed Forces are in the grime, fighting not only for them and their martyred loved ones but all of Yemen’s people, has to grant them a soothing solace.

For without Ansarullah, it wouldn’t just be massacres that Yemenis would be dealing with–a maleficent and slaughterous price for independence and disconnection from US-‘Israeli’ hegemony–but the all-encompassing colonization of their country. Indeed, without Ansarullah, Yemen today would be an American-Zionist-Saudi protectorate.

Thus, we do what we have done since the savage aggression began three and a half years ago: We tip our fitted caps to the Houthiyeen with a Striking Star Salute. We quadruple up the supplications for the Fallen-Yet-Risen. And we dance on the graves of the Saudi and Emirati invaders who somehow still have the gall to refer to themselves as “Arab” and “Muslim”–rot in hell and sleep in slime… Filth!

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