The Russian Defense Ministry has just now officially named and accused the United States, the United Kingdom and France of preparing to carry out a false flag ‘chemical attack’ in order to justify new strikes against Syria under the pretext of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government forces.

“The Western countries’ actions in spite of their public statements are aimed at another sharp deterioration of the situation in the Middle East region and the disruption of the peace process on the territory of Syria,” ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov noted. This report has been confirmed on multiple trusted news sources. *

Writer and political commentator George Ades comments:

By Georges Ades – SPOILER ALERT!  The Russian Defence Ministry has released the “script” for a provocation prepared by the US and its allies in Syria, for which John Bolton (Trump’s National Security Adviser), in a poorly disguised “green light”, has threatened with a military response.

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<The provocations are being prepared by militants from Al-Nusra Front (now known as Tahrir al-Sham) in Idlib province, northwestern Syria,

In order to stage the attack, some eight canisters of chlorine were delivered to a village near Jisr al-Shughur city for the terrorists’ use. A separate group of militants, prepped by the private British security company Olive, have also arrived in the area.

The group will be disguised as volunteers from the White Helmets group and will simulate a rescue operation involving locals purportedly injured in the attack.>

Isn’t it amazing that we can have advance knowledge of a criminal act, with every detail and all the actors involved and still be taken in by the poor propaganda put forward by the west? Some out there must be a very special kind of stupid!


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