BREAKING: Syrian Air Force OBLITERATES ISIS POSITIONS in east Sweida, SAA ground forces prepares to storm last terrorist stronghold

the Anti-Terrorism campaign appears close to completion, US occupation now the major obstacle


BEIRUT – Within the last hour, the Syrian Arab Air Force ramped up it’s campaign against the last ISIS stronghold in eastern Sweida, according to numerous trusted sources and as reported by the reliable source, AMN.

The strikes were launched against the last ISIS stronghold positions occupying areas in eastern Sweida in the Al-Safa Mountains, obliterating the Israel and US backed and protected Salafi terrorist outfits.

This is the third time that in the last 48 hours, the SAA has moved into a position prepared to storm the last ISIS major base, located in the Al-Safa Mountains, AMN reports.

The military reportedly released a communique, stating such. additionally, the two previous attacks by the SAA were successful in liberating several critical points, but afterwards ISIS was able to push back and regain control of the strategic position.

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After this operation is complete and the last major ISIS stronghold, not located inside a US military base, is destroyed, the Syrian state led by the democratically elected president, Bashar al-Assad, will have finally liberated the entire Sweida Governate.

The democratically elected and popular government led by Assad is secular in nature, and has only grown more popular in the face of a Zionist, neo-Ottoman, and Atlanticist backed invasion campaign, aimed at destroying and dividing the resource rich country into micro-states. A unified Syrian state, uniting its diverse and multi-confessional state, was an obstacle to Israeli, Jordanian, and, briefly, Egyptian and Qatari plans, working with Turkey as well, to push a gas pipeline through a fractured Syria outside the governance of Damascus.

According to AMN, once this operation is completed, “the Syrian Arab Army will be able to send the 1st, 3rd, 10th, and 15th divisions north towards the Hama and Latakia governorates”.

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