BREAKING: Yemen’s Army and Special Forces CAPTURE OR KILL 150 U.S & U.K backed Saudi forces

The operation south of Hodeidah resulted in the death, injury, or surrender of 150 invading forces and mercenaries including high ranking leaders


A spokesman for Ansarullah, Mohammed Abdul Salam, said Sunday that the operations continue in the West Coast by special forces that surprised the United Arab Emirates aggression forces, lead them to leave their positions and armaments.

In an exclusive statement to Tasnim international news agency, Abdel Salam said that the number of prisoners reached 60 in the afternoon, in addition to the extermination of a complete military battalion.

He pointed out that “the special military operations of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees will continue in Durihemi,” stressing that ” Durihemi and other cities of the West Coast will be a cemetery for the forces of US-Saudi aggression.”

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‘The March’, a pro-Yemeni outlet reported:

Special forces of the the army and the popular committees carried out an ambush operation, based on intelligence and infiltration of enemy ranks, surprising several battalions of the US-backed UAE and British invasion and occupation forces in the western coast of the Republic of Yemen, carried out to its lethal    conclusion in the vicinity of the city of Durihemi.

The operation resulted in the death, injury and surrender of more than 150 mercenaries from the invasion and occupation forces, including important leaders within the battalion, and various numbers of invading forces died in the siege after they failed in their attempt to escape, due to confusion among the enemy forces

The heroes of the army and the Popular Committees began the operation with armored vehicles and military crews with appropriate weapons, and destroyed 10 enemy military vehicles with them.

The leadership of the army and the popular committees, confirming the success of this operation from the perspective of military tactics, which confront the forces of invasion and occupation in the West Coast. It will continue to work in various military tactics, land, sea and air in the Almstodh community of the people of the province of Hodeidah, stretching from Bab al-Mandab to the far north of Yemen, until victory is achieved for Yemen and its dear people

The leadership of the army and the popular committees pay tribute to the sons of Tihama and the free province of Hodeidah and the victories they achieve in the ongoing confrontation with the invaders and occupiers in the coastal front and on all fronts.

The Army Command and the Popular Committees welcome the successive changing of sides of the southern provinces who were allied with the aggressors,  who had been allied to the West Coast Front. They realized they were on the wrong side after exposing the agenda of the aggression which implicated them in its actions targeting Yemen and the Yemeni people.

The military leadership of the army and the popular committees reaffirm that all instruments of aggression, invasion and occupation will have the same fate as the invaders of Yemen through history. Yemen will remain a free, independent and united nation with its great and dear people.

 August 5th, 2018 – Sana’a, 23 Dhul Qa’da 1439 AH

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