Syrian Army discovers Al-Nusra bombs produced in Israel in now liberated Daraa province


The Syrian Army and its allies have completed the liberation of Daraa province in southern Syria from terrorists as well as from other provinces in the country.

Syrian government forces clearing the towns and villages of the southern Mohefazah region of Rif Dimashq have discovered bombs produced in Israel, along with ammunition and military equipment reserves inside weapons caches belonging to terrorists, the official Syrian news agency SANA reported .

According to the agency, which quoted a Syrian commander, the Arab Republic forces carrying out clearance operations in the towns of Babbila and Yalda also found a certain amount of antipersonnel mines, rocket-propelled grenades and their ammunition, machine guns, automatic rifles, chemicals used to make pumps, as well as telecommunication devices.

Syrian government forces are also searching for weapons caches hidden in the southern suburbs of the capital as they are preparing conditions for the return of internally displaced locals, forced to flee their homes because of the war.

In the southwestern province of Daraa, government troops have liberated al-Shajara city, regaining full control of the Yarmouk basin.

“The Syrian army completely defeated the terrorists in Daraa province after taking control of the Yarmouk basin in the northwest of the province,” a military source said on Tuesday.

Numerous weapons caches were also found there, along with bomb factories and underground prisons, SANA reported.

The military offensive in regions partially controlled by several militant groups was launched by Syrian forces in June after the country’s capital and several other towns were bombed by local militants despite a ceasefire reached with the help of the Russian Reconciliation Center .

The Syrian government intends to regain control of its border with Jordan and the disputed territories of the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel but internationally recognized as a part of Syria. It is expected that the northwest jihadist-held province of Idlib is the next focus for the Syrian Army.

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3 years ago

Some splaining to do ? Not a word in MSM and there will not be either because we know who owns the MSM don’t we . I guess this is why they play up the white helmets so much , to take cover under the supposed good works of same .Good for the sheeple only.

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