DPR: “Poroshenko is readying to attack Donbass, to impose Martial Law in Kiev, & cancel Ukraine Elections”


FRN – Poroshenko is readying to attack Donbass, to impose Martial Law in Kiev, & cancel Ukraine Elections.

Ukraine is preparing a major provocation in its military depots with the aim of introducing martial law and abolishing presidential elections in March next year. 

This was announced today during the briefing by Eduard Basurin, the official representative of the operational command of the DPR

Basurin said that the intelligence of the DPR received information about the preparation of a major provocation by the military and political leadership of Ukraine. Eduard Basurin said;

“According to our data, against the backdrop of the earlier statement of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine about planned diversions in arsenals, RAW storage facilities, as well as in storage facilities for weapons and military equipment and lubricants, the command of the occupying forces issued orders to strengthen security.

At the same time, in September 2018, on the basis of the 198th training center of the Ukrainian Navy in the village of Nikolaev, under the guidance of the instructors of the British Armed Forces, the courses on conducting sabotage activities with the personnel of the SSOU’s units are over,” 

He noted also that some of the cadets are trained according to the special program with special secrecy. The Defense Ministry spokesman added:

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“According to the information received from the command of the SSO of the APU, some servicemen (12 people) are trained according to a special program. The personalities of these servicemen are not disclosed, they are moved in part only in balaclava and classes with them are held separately from the rest. At the same time, cases of visits by representatives of the MTR, under the guise of inspectors of the “OOS” headquarters, of field artillery warehouses of units and units in the zone of Ukrainian occupation, have recently become more frequent,” 

Basurin noted that, in the opinion of the military leadership of the DPR, the main task of this preparatory special unit would be to conduct sabotage in the destruction of weapons and equipment storage facilities on its territory, with the aim of accusing the deceased servicemen of the Republic, and further escalating the conflict.

“This fact will allow us to tell the Ukrainian leadership about the beginning of active hostilities and will make it possible to introduce martial law. And we already discussed the consequences of this earlier – it is the cancellation of the presidential elections in Ukraine,” Eduard Basurin said in conclusion.

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