“Drop Six Atomic Bombs on Moscow” – Details of a planned 1945 US strike REVEALED


In 1945, the US developed  a plan for a nuclear attack on the USSR. Six bombs were to be dropped on Moscow and Leningrad.

This critical historical information was revealed by Daniel Ellsberg, the legendary whistleblower who published the infamous “Pentagon documents” in 1971. Now his book “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner” is being prepared for publication.

Excerpts from it were published on “Lenta.RU”.

“On August 30, 1945, just two weeks after the capitulation of Japan, Major General Loris Norstad, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Planning, sent a document to General Groves, where 15 “key Soviet cities” were featured in the possible future nuclear strike on Moscow and 20 “major Soviet cities,” including Leningrad, as well as the number of atomic bombs necessary to destroy each of them. Moscow and Leningrad were to be annihilated with six bombs, the book says.

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It is noted that the US at that time did not have six atomic bombs. Ellsberg said;

“At the end of the year they had only two. By June 30, 1946 (the end of the fiscal year), there were nine bombs in the arsenal. The first official plan of war against the Soviet Union, dated November 1947, provided for striking at 24 Soviet cities using 34 bombs. However, by the time there were only 13 bombs in the US arsenal, of which, perhaps, only seven were in combat readiness. This information was top-secret, “


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