Dugin, Homosexuals, and the Christian Evangelist Facebook Ad World

By Curwen Ares Rolinson


By Curwen Ares Rolinson –

Something I am finding rather amusing of late, is the ongoing string of evangelical Christian ads showing up in my Facebook side-pane. It started with the “gay conversion” one, and perhaps upon realizing that neither idea was applicable to me, has since moved on to an ever-escalating series of efforts to attempt to get me to ‘patch over’ to some kind of Christian denomination.

This is curious. I mean, let me put it bluntly. I am a religious fundamentalist zealot. A pretty … impressive array of my postings and messages here on Facebook are to do with the religious (and accompanying/corresponding) ethno-cultural matters to do with same. I post almost compulsively [for such it is – a ‘compulsion’, a divinely mandated Imperative] about the mythology, mythography, theology, and even occasionally the downright *hagiography* associated with all of this, in a surprisingly cromulent argot of English and at least two millennia-old ecclesiastical languages [plus #NASCant] day-in and day-out.

Although mostly at night time. “REAL PIOUS HOURS !! WHO TF UP ??”

To be sure, and as I may have mentioned a few times, I come from a line of Christian clergy. My father is the Rev. Rolinson, his father before him, so on and so forth … so it’s not as if I am in any way *opposed* to the religion in question.

In point of fact, I have long advocated for something relatively akin to Aleksandr Dugin’s ‘Alliance’ proposal [wherein, in the context of the post-Fall Soviet Union .. er ,Eurasia, he came to the realization that the Orthodox, the ‘Old Guard’ Communists, the Russian Islam, and others, all had far more in common *with each other* in terms of shared values and vision for society than any of them did with the advancing – and, more aptly stated, *encroaching* West ; and should start more actively working together as a ‘counterweight’ as a result] , and regularly find myself in discussions of theology, metaphysics, and history with people from the Abrahamic spectrum(s).

There is nothing wrong with this – although upon occasion, it does seem a little surprising to me how … questionably immersed some are in the ‘architecture’ [whether of belief or simple structuring of affairs and the ‘temporal matters’ side of things] of the religions they claim adherence to or were brought up in.

But I cannot quite work out what it is that has lead to this ‘targeting’ of ads by FB’s not-quite-omniscient algorithims.

Perhaps the persons and organizations funding these campaigns [and it appears , on the surface of it, that there may be a number of nominal ones in operation – I haven’t done the appropriate due diligence to see if it all links back to a much *smaller* circle of actual operators, so to speak] , have sought to set them so as to ‘target’ people of non-Christian religion [that is to say, those who *have* a religion, which is not Christianity] for proselytization.

And certainly, I suppose I can understand the intrinsic logic of utilzing not just the Newsfeed, but the sidebar alongside in pursuit of spreading “THE GOOD NEWS”.

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Or maybe, somehow, Facebook has misread my settings and concluded that I am some sort of secular, agnostic, or even ‘atheistic’ person, and is going from there in presenting me as a “tabula rasa” to be projected upon and ‘drawn’ [out, on, and/or quartered] [er .. humours, eh? ] in pursuit of that ever-importent Advertorial Dollar.

Who knows.

Still, perhaps this is my fault.

I distinctly remember posting a status about being a little disappointed that the only religious door-knockers I’d had living here … was David Seymour. That was back in 2014. Since when, of course, we’ve had any number of … “interesting experiences” in that regard 

I shall continue to ‘watch and wait’ with regard to these adverts.

Perhaps maybe one day we might get appropriately Indo-European [or, at least, ‘shared values’-based] ones.


Curwen Ares Rolinson has endured almost a decade’s worth of experience at the highest levels of New Zealand Politics; serving as a prominent public face of left-nationalism in his home country before making the transition to political journalism and work in the PR field. His writing has been published in a wide array of outlets – ranging from his award-winning “Sex, Drugs & Electoral Rolls” magazine column, as well as the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and of course the radically dangerous Fort Russ News.

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