FBI has Damning Dossier on Poroshenko, Could Face U.S Prison – Saakashvili


The wanted former president of Georgia turned governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region following the Maidan coup, Mikhail Saakashvili, has publicly claimed that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is going to face criminal prosecution by his own patron state – the United States of America.

In an exclusive tell-all interview with the Ukrainian site Strana, Saakashvili was caught on video saying about Poroshenko: “As soon has he ceases to be president, not a single country will take him in for a moment. In America they will plant him [in prison] like Lazarenko, because the FBI has a dossier on him.”

“The cases are related to his offshore accounts,” Saakashvili claimed, adding that he has “talked with people who know.”

After Saakashvili left his governorship of Ukraine’s terrorized Odessa region in 2016, the wanted American-backed politician declared political war on Kiev leader Poroshenko, and was subsequently deported to Poland, where he has been granted residency. While the majority of Saakashvili’s statements are best treated as internal Ukrainian political stunts, his statement on Poroshenko strikes a chord given growing suspicions that Poroshenko is facing deposition from power.

Poroshenko is stuck between a rock and a hard place, as his fragile authority over the failed Ukrainian state is being contested by both the radical “Ukrainian nationalist” wing of the Maidan, with heavily armed, trained, and politically connected gangs such as Biletsky’s Azov Battalion, as well as other clans of the destabilized Ukrainian political establishment, such as Saakashvili’s.

Kiev’s strategic defeat in its war against Donbass and the increasing unwillingness of the European and even Washington establishments to further pursue the Ukrainian anti-Russian project have left Poroshenko the single most unpopular leader in Ukrainian history, with his official approval ratings not even surpassing a few percent.

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Poroshenko presides over a losing war effort, a failing international strategy predicated on being a battering ram against Russia, and economic catastrophe at home. The Poroshenko regime has been rendered entirely dependent on US, EU, NATO, and IMF aid and loans which are already beginning to dry up, and which Kiev has no way of reciprocating to its only evermore stringent “allies.”

Suicidal Russophobia elevated to the level of state policy is literally shutting down what’s left of the former Ukraine’s economy, as is the case with Ukraine’s plan to shut down its last direct – and the only profitable – railway with Moscow.

The Kiev leader has recently tried to divert public attention and score political points ahead of Ukraine’s March 2019 elections by promising an international lawsuit against Russia for “damages” in Donbass. However, one of Russia’s leading experts on Ukraine, FRN’s own guest analyst Eduard Popov, has forecasted that such a move could finally encourage Russia to switch to punitive economic measures against Ukraine “that would show the oligarch-Nazi regime in Ukraine just how much their adventure will cost them.”

Most significantly, as part of Trump’s attempt to reform the US Empire by backing down from collision with Russia to pursue other vectors, Kiev also faces the threat of being gradually dumped by Washington, although analysts widely disagree on this potential pace and form of such.

In this overall context, Poroshenko’s days are numbered, which give Saakashvili’s claims an eerie ring of probability. In the very least, Saakashvili’s “inside information” that Poroshenko faces imprisonment are indicative of the dead end to which “Project Ukraine” has amounted.

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