FEARING REALITY: “Putin will simply cut us off at some point” – Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S

The Kiev establishment lives in fear of the "Nord Stream II"


The Kiev establishment lives in fear of the “Nord Stream II” pipeline project. An interesting thing about the Kiev Junta, is their inability to grasp their lack of international weight, of bargaining power, indeed of any geopolitical relevance at this point, whatsoever. So it’s no surprise to see the same U.S installed talking heads, monopolizing the ruins of civil society in Ukraine, broadcasting the underlying message ”What we think and want actually counts”.  With that delusion, and only that delusion carrying them forward, can we understand the sorts of proclamations made on Ukrainian TV.

“Ukraine should reject of any compromises proposed by Germany and Russia regarding the future of its gas transmission system and the construction of the Nord Stream-2.” This was unsurprisingly broadcast on Channel 5 by the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Valery Chaly. But what he says, is something interesting, not because of its relevance, but because of its honesty.

According to him, and there’s something to this, Ukraine can be deceived. Being lulled to sleep by Germans, by proposing to save some part of the volume from the transit of Russian gas to Europe. Then, should Ukraine ‘get out of line’ (continue to be the U.S’s vessel in the ruination of EU-RF relations) there will be the inevitable twisting the valve shut.

Of course, this can happen. But their answer is to ‘reject’ the proposal, instead of realizing that their ritualized seppuku-at-the-feet-of-Atlanticism politics is highly problematic, given they are adjacent to two global forces seeking reconciliation – the EU and RF. We’re struck, nevertheless with this idea of ‘rejection’. Reject with what? How? Like an infant who can only catch his parent’s attention at a public event by throwing a tantrum, Ukraine can ‘threaten’ what? To launch themselves into a suicide attack upon the well organized, well armed Donbass cauldron waiting for them? The infant belly-flops himself upon the pavement, causing broken ribs, even a concussion. That will show them!

But with an understanding of this dynamic, we are free to unravel it further. Chaly carries forward with his thoughtful prognostication:

“They will offer some kind of compromise. Some of the gas will come through us, some through Nord Stream. I think there will still be such a conversation. But I think that we need to keep a clear position – clearly against. Our parliament voted, the president said, the government should do it all. Clearly against. There, as it will be in the future, we will see.

But now our key task is not to play along with this so-called compromise. I do not believe in these compromises, because even if something remains on our pipe, which will make it possible to operate the gas transmission system, then Putin will simply turn this off all at once and that’s it. That is, these games can not be played, we need to stick to the line that we have now, “.

I don’t believe we need to harp much on the critical failure of logic here. Passing resolutions in the puppet Rada in Kiev ‘against’ any ‘compromise’ would only hypothetically work if they had a single card to play. Whatever Germany, or the entirety of the EU, of which Ukraine is not a member, nor does the EU want them to be – whatever they arrange with Russia is not something they can ‘oppose’. They can continue their politics of self-flaggelation, they can protest, scream, shout, jump up and down, but to what effect?

But see, the key to understanding Kievan politics, in these ‘made for domestic consumption’ statements from the land of absurd, is to underscore the all-too-important delusion that Kiev’s internal resolutions have some impact on the decisions made by far more powerful, sovereign states or communities, which simply have no interest in dealing with an out-and-out genocidal, suicidal U.S puppet state, that is the Kiev Junta. Yes, the EU also has grown tired of this, and quite reasonably so.

And so , in a prefatory stroke to his stroke of genius yesterday, earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, said that if the construction of the Nord Stream-2 was completed, Russia would cease to supply gas via the Ukrainian route.

Well yes, that’s probably the idea in some way. At least to cease supplying gas to a Ukraine which has sued Russia over fallacious trumped up non-grievances, has tried to transform long-understood conceptions of national debt into ‘private debt’ between the two states, has threatened to withhold the flow of Russian gas to Europe upon the US’s orders, and the list goes on.

Ukraine is not entitled to any natural resources but their own. But the Kiev Junta, the US installed political elite, have made it a matter of legal, government policy, to sell-off and privatize to western corporations, anything of value which Ukraine ought to have as a sovereign resource, which it could in turn, you understand, ‘trade’ for things of value to it, such as gas. If only they still owned it.

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So without having anything sovereign of their own, they react instead not against those responsible, but against those who worked to prevent such a catastrophe.

And instead of of realizing the ludicrousness of their own reality, their own imposed situation, where the disorder of their own house would be exposed for all to see – they blame ‘Russia’. This is what ‘independence’ for Ukraine actually means.

“We’ve sold off Ukraine to the US, and this entitles us to Russian gas”. That’s the summary of their core logic. It’s really something!

Doubling down on delusion, the former vice-prime minister of Crimea, and Verkhovna Rada deputy of the previous arrangement (when Crimea was part of Ukraine) Andrei Senchenko said:

“The losses caused by the loss of the Crimea can be compensated through expropriation of the Russian share in the first branch of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.”

Who will do that ‘expropriating’ for you? Germany? It’s Ukraine’s recklessness under American governance that has forced Germany to seek an alternate route. If anything, it’s more likely that Germany will recognize Crimea as Russia simply to avoid dealing with puppet Ukraine ever again.

The Russian expert community, in standard ‘unfazed’ Slavic form, reports ‘just the facts, ma’am’: the Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladislav Belov reiterated rather flatly that “The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will be launched despite US sanctions.” That means ‘despite US sanctions’. If it will launch despite US sanctions, it will certainly launch despite Ukraine …. ‘protestations’.  So there you have it.


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