Germany and US playing war in Georgia

While Der Spiegel admits that Georgia started the Georgia-Russia war


We read in Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten

The Bundeswehr participates in maneuvers with the USA in Georgia.

The US Army reports:

German soldiers with the 391st Mechanized Infantry Battalion provided fire support during a combined Georgian Special Forces Exercise in Waziani Training Area, Georgia August 5, 2018.

Germany joined 12 other nations participating in Operation Noble Partner 18, an exercise where both should enhance the ability of participating nations to conduct multinational mission leadership, integration, execution and synchronization.

‘This is very important because we get insight into the development plans of other nations and it is a very good experience to work with multinational and foreign areas,’ said Captain Mathias Stürmer, company commander of the 391st MIB. More than 100 German soldiers took part in the exercise. Mechanized infantrymen infiltrated the training grounds with 13 Marder armored infantry fighting vehicles. Then they dismounted and used small scale tactics to secure a landing zone while the tank crews in the area set up bases. US Army Bradley combat vehicles were also present in the training area and supported the German armed forces.

‘I’ve found very little difference in working with American comrades,’ said Staff Sgt. Thomas Zeitz, tank commander with the 391st MIB. The way they attack is very similar to us. We attacked a building from a flank and asked an American team to give stifling fire, and they knew what we wanted because they had the same idea.” This exercise is part of the preparations of the 391st MIB to participate in an upcoming one extended forward presence in Lithuania. ‘It makes me proud to be here and it’s fun too,’ said Zeitz.

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The blog “Eyes Straight Ahead” reports: “The Bundeswehr is currently practicing in Georgia – a country that, although not part of NATO, is closely linked to the Alliance through the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program and, above all, to the backing of the transatlantic alliance against Russia. Bad Salzungen 391 Panzer Grenadier Battalion is participating in the exercise Noble Partner 2018, led by Georgia and the US Army, also in view of an upcoming deployment in Lithuania by NATO’s eFP battlegroup.”

According to US Foreign Office spokeswoman Heather Nauert, Georgia should become a NATO member. This was decided at a NATO meeting in Bucharest.

Here, we insert a segment of today’s daily email “Situation” (Die Lage) from Der Spiegel) 
The Georgia war ten years after

Ten years ago today, the world had a first taste of today’s hostile relationship between Russia and the West. On August 8, 2008, a short war between Georgia and Russia began, which ended with Georgia losing control of the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Since then, a “frozen conflict” has existed between the two countries. Georgia started the war, but since then, after relations with the West deteriorated, and Russia’s principle of frozen war has been used successfully, not least in Ukraine. Back then, ten years ago, Russia was still seen by many in the West as a partner, and the Georgia crisis was seen only as an interim lull, and after the conflict in Georgia, new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her counterpart Sergei Lavrov a big red “reset” button. It turned out otherwise.

In South Ossetia, they view the tensions with Georgia with concern. The country wants to continue regularizing its border with Georgia, and above all to create technical obstacles in some sectors, said Anatoly Bibilov, the President of South Ossetia, to the state news agency TASS: “We will fix the border in accordance with international rules. In some places we will build a fence, while in other places technical barriers will be built. Georgia will certainly express indignation, but we are ready to go through with this. If they have reasons for indignation, let them come and discuss everything … But since we have decided to organize our border, we will do it,” added Bibilov.

According to the South Ossetian president, the border with Georgia needs to be secured to ensure security and prevent smuggling. “If we do not fortify the border, anyone from surveillance and subversive groups to smugglers can cross the border. We must discourage such activities and ensure law and order. ”

South Ossetia’s border is about 440 kilometers long, its border with Russia extends over 74 kilometers, the rest is the Georgian sector. There are currently two crossings on the South Ossetian-Georgian border. In recent years, South Ossetia has urged Georgia to open negotiations on demarcation and demarcation of the border, but Tiflis, according to TASS, is reluctant to enter into talks about the conflict.

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