GERMANY BUCKS U.S: Nord Stream-2 will launch, despite Trump’s sanctions

The EU-Russia project has Berlin's full support, as Transatlantic tensions appear irreversible


Recognizing the failure of sanctions against Germany and Russia, US President Donald Trump begins to blackmail other countries participating in the Nord Stream-2 project.

This was during the Roundtable in the format of the video bridge between Moscow and Berlin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladislav Belov said, the correspondent of “Political Navigator” reports.

“Naturally, Germany does not participate in American sanctions. Germany, as a state, is committed to the realization of the “Northern Stream-2″, having granted permission for its construction at the federal land level, including the construction of the third overland branch of the pipeline. Participating economic actors – including Putin, and Merkel said this. Trump continues to place pressure on them. And if the partners of Gazprom come out of the project, of course, it will be difficult to implement. Denmark has nothing to do with it – forty kilometers will go through it and will be built in the end,” the expert said.

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“The question is, what’s next? What will happen to the underground gas storage facilities, the sale of gas, the overall presence of Gazprom in terms of its partners in Europe. There may be difficulties. And so – Nord Stream-2 will be implemented, but Trump will carry out his threats,” Belov added.

As previously reported by “Political Navigator”, former vice-prime minister of Crimea, Verkhovna Rada deputy of the previous convocations Andrei Senchenko demanded compensation from Russia for the loss of the peninsula in the form of a stake in the “Northern stream”.

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