TRAITOR! Iraqi PM Al-Abadi Goes Judas on Iran for Zio-US Empire’s SANCTIONS

by Jonathan Azaziah


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by Jonathan Azaziah –

What a disgusting, two-faced, sniveling, subservient piece of trash Haidar al-Abadi is. Delivering a statement on the Tangerine Terrorist Trump’s savage new economic measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran that shocked Iraqis, Iranians and even Western and GCC ZOGs, the Iraqi Prime Minister cynically and rather insanely declared, “We consider sanctions on Iran to be a strategic mistake and incorrect but we will abide by them to protect the interests of our people. We will not interact with them or support them but nevertheless, we will abide by them.”

You cannot be opposing the sanctions and abiding by them at the same time! You’re either going to buck Washington and stand with your true ally, Tehran, or you’re going to be a dog. Al-Abadi decided to woof-woof and embrace being leashed. One struggles to find the maximum capacity of harshness in condemning such treachery. Cosigning sanctions against Iran will NOT benefit Iraqis even in the slightest. We’ve already seen that this AIPAC-driven, American-executed financial war has led to an electricity crisis in Iraq–leaving Iraqis with no power and Iranians unpaid for the service they’ve been providing for years at a massive discount.

Iran has sacrificed blood and treasure in providing unconditional support to the Iraqi nation against both the US-UK-Zionist invasion in ’03 and the rise of MossadDaesh in ’14–never asking for anything in return except for brotherhood and friendship when it truly counts. Like right now for example.

It was Hajj Qassem Suleimani and his IRGC Quds Force (along with Hizbullah, led by martyred Commanders Ibrahim Muhammad al-Hajj and Abdulhamid Mahmoud Sharri, may ALLAH [SWT] be pleased with them both) who REALLY helped Iraq smash ISIS, including in Mosul, NOT America.

Iran is Iraq’s third biggest trading partner and an integral companion in working numerous strategic oil fields.

And despite it being absolutely in the right on this issue, the Islamic Republic has postponed collecting $1.1 trillion in reparations owed to it by Iraq from the Imposed War–due to Iran knowing how much the Iraqi people have suffered at the hands of Zio-Imperialism and that the horrors of ’80-’88 weren’t their fault by any means but that of the Saddam Hussein regime which the US, Saudi Arabia, ‘Israel’ and the Soviet Union were propping up. Reflecting on all these truths… In what universe does joining the barbarians who annihilated us (Zio-Amreeka) in the illegal besiegement of the Godwary heroes who aided us in our most desperate times of need (Iran) benefit the country in any way, shape or form? IN WHAT UNIVERSE?!?! Total madness!

I for one never cared for him–found him to be too Westoxified generally. Too Londonized specifically. Too Judaized for a leader of the Cradle of Civilization. Too quick to run to the Americans–the butchers of our people and destroyers of our nation first with dictatorship, then proxy war, then overt aggression, then sanctions, then another overt aggression and finally Takfiri terrorism. And simultaneously far too slow to tackle US-manufactured corruption and poverty, a reflection of cowardice and apathy that has led to unnecessary innocent lives being lost like the infamous Yarmouk Hospital atrocity in Baghdad.

In short, he’s a tool. A servant of the US ZOG. That’s proven in spades now. The Iraqi Islamic Resistance–the true leaders of Iraq, our beacons, our defenders and the light on our faces–always tolerated him for the sake of holding Iraq together in the face of Zio-NATO and its 4th Generation Warfare project known as ISIS. Nothing more, nothing less–simply toleration. But these humble and righteous warriors of Almighty God can’t hold their tongues anymore.

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Sayyed Hashem al-Mousavi, the spokesman of Kata’ib Hizbullah, holds nothing back in condemnation of Al-Abadi’s folly, “Since when did the Iraqi nation become part of the project to sanction other nations? We have given blood for the consolidation and protection of the country and we will not allow anyone to encroach upon our independence.

This is not a UN Security Council decision that we must submit to. We submit to no one but ALLAH (SWT)! Besides, 2/3 of the world is standing with Iran, the state that has never turned its back on us. Did you forget their good will? It is not clear who is advising you? Is the reward for such goodness not reciprocated goodness but rather cooperation with Iran’s enemies? How will you answer the people of Iran after they supported us with all of their being? How will you answer the families of their martyrs?” Talk that beautiful talk, ya Sayyed–a true son of Mesopotamia and Resistance, you are. Up until right this second, Al-Abadi has yet to reply to the ferocious smackdown laid on top of his head by the courageous Iraqi Mouqawamist and we expect that no such reply will come.

The danger here sincerely can’t be understated. If Al-Abadi is going to capitulate to the United Snakes of IsraHELL on the sanctions regime against Iran, what’s to say he’s not going to submit on whatever the next order of business is? Perhaps the disbanding of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, a move that has been pushed by the neocons in Washington for some time now and would lead to terrible bloodshed.

Maybe it will be concessions to the Mossad-aligned Kurdish regime in the north led by the Barzani-Talabani mafia in lockstep with the Oded Yinon stratagem. How about allowing Western oil companies larger and larger shares of Iraqi energy profits or giving Netanyahu the pipeline he wants from Kirkuk to Haifa? What about giving the ‘Israeli’-Kurdish Jews buying up artifact-filled lands across Iraq, including the shrines of Prophets (A.S.), a free pass to keep up their swindles? It just might even be the recognition of the usurping Zionist entity itself.

Make no mistake, this isn’t hysterical. It’s a red-ringing-red alarm going off and delivering the following warning: Thanks to Al-Abadi’s weakness, Iraq is now on an exceedingly frightening and slippery slope. For once you get on your knees for the Empire… It is just about impossible to ever get up off them. Still though, the Iraqi Prime Minister can indeed walk this decision back.

So he must make a choice. Stay where he is and serve World Zionism, allowing Iraqi territory to be an economic battering ram against Iran to the detriment of BOTH nations. Or serve humanity and stand with the Islamic Revolution against this vicious destabilization.

If he decides to take the former over the latter, then he can go right to hell–exactly where his collaborationist, Saudi-bought, anti-Syria, double-game-playing buddy Muqtada al-Sadr is heading. Traitors of a feather do flock together, don’t they? May Al-Qahhar (SWT) uplift the peoples and moujahideen of Iraq and Iran and bring us closer to defuse and defeat this scheme. Haidar al-Abadi be damned.

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