by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – Happy Second Liberation Day! On this very day last year, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army and the Lebanese Armed Forces, expelled the last remaining Takfiri terrorists from Jroud al-Arsal, preventing an ISIS-Al-Qaeda takeover of Lebanon and permanently defeating the plot derived from Oded Yinon to balkanize the state on ethno-sectarian lines. Three days later, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah took to the airwaves to declare that “the Second Liberation Day of Lebanon will be recorded someday in the history of Lebanon and the region as a major achievement, just like Resistance and Liberation Day before it. This will come to pass whether the Lebanese government recognizes it or not; whether the Lebanese government likes it or not.”

Responding to the fallacy spread by the pitiful sectarians of the March 14 coalition and its leading force, Al-Mustaqbal headed by the corrupt Saad Hariri, that the moujahideen of Hizbullah were proxies of Iran, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s Secretary-General was as eloquent and fierce as ever, “We in the Mouqawamah hold only a Lebanese passport. We do not have two nationalities; we do not have dual loyalties unlike some. We are the sons of this land. And as such, we have the right to live on this land with dignity and our heads raised with honor. This is our country like it is the country of all Lebanese. And if our country is threatened by any invader, occupier of terrorist, we will fight it here. We will win here. We will be martyred here. And we will be buried here.”

And martyrs there were in the crushing of Jabhat al-Nusra and Daesh in the Arsal barrens as Dajjalic black flag after Dajjalic black flag were taken down by the Men of God. According to the Sayyed, 11 Hizbullah moujahideen and 7 soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army gave their lives in the last tussle. None were more dauntless than Muhammad Haj Hussein (R.A.), who was buried in Dahiyeh on August 24th, a little more than a day following his martyrdom. The young Hizbullahi cadet had taken out 15 Takfiriyeen while a contingent of Mouqawamah fighters and SAA soldiers were pinned down out on the eastern flank. He was shot multiple times in aggressive fire from the Wahhabi dogs of Zion but never laid down his weapon until his comrades were free. Shahid Muhammad Haj Hussein (R.A.) died of his bullet wounds not too long thereafter. Another Ahlul-Bayt-(A.S.)-loving Lebanese lion in a pantheon full of them, masha’ALLAH. We tip our fitteds and firmly hold salutes for him and all of the courageous souls who made the ultimate sacrifice in paving the way for this triumph–the latest victory in the Era of Victories that has endured ever since Hizbullah inflicted the very first defeat on ‘Israel’ on May 25th, 2000.

In marking the first anniversary of the Second Liberation, Sayyed Abou Hadi delivered another powerful oratory this past Sunday from the hallowed ground of Hermel at Tadamon Stadium in the northern Bekaa Valley where many a Hizbullah Commander, cadre and cadet call home. He named the celebration the Glory and Victory Festival. The Two-Time Liberator of Lebanon hailed the courage of the Lebanese shabab, calling it “outstanding”. Furthermore, he offered the humblest words of gratitude to all who took part in the fight, “The residents of the region, especially the Godwary residents of Bekaa, and the Resistance took a quick decision with no hesitation to confront terrorism on both sides of the Lebanese-Syrian border because the government was, to put it mildly, confused back then and hesitating to finalize a decision. Despite this grandstanding however, our brothers in the Lebanese army joined the battle, took a defensive position, made sacrifices and offered several martyrs.” Nasrallah said it was thanks to the Golden Equation, i.e. the Army-People-Resistance, that the Second Liberation came to fruition.

The Sayyed also made it a point to launch several daggers of truth at the Zionist and GCC presses for inflating Hizbullah’s Martyr count in an obvious example of the ongoing global psy-war on the Mouqawamah, “Foreign media outlets are seeking to intimidate our nation by over-counting the number of our martyrs. As if we have anything to hide! We are proud of our men who make sacrifices and name them when they fall; hold ceremonies for them in their honor; and then bury them with even more pride for all to see. Those who think they can hoodwink our people with such lies are delusional. We’ve been fighting [the Takfiri terrorist scourge] for seven years now and our environment has not shown any weariness. Rather, we have only been further embraced and supported. From the Bekaa where we secured the Second Liberation and the Jnoub where we fought for the First Liberation, let it be known that there is no place in Lebanon for occupiers nor a future for those who have expansionist ambitions. Because our people cling to freedom, liberation, sovereignty and dignity.” Nasrallah’s firestorm didn’t end there though.

He also warned of an impending false flag chemical weapons attack in Idlib, saying that Western ZOGs were blatantly seeking a pretext to attack the Syrian government because total victory over the Takfiri scourge was near. Rebuffing rumors of Hizbullah pulling back men or being weary of any additional fighting on the Syrian front, our guide and our pride simply said that no matter how big or small an operation is in Bilad al-Sham, “One signal and one signal alone is enough for our youth, who have maximized their awareness, to flood any and every battlefield.” On that note, the Sayyed wondered aloud what Lebanon and the entire region would look like today had ISIS and other Wahhabi gangs prevailed, lambasting those who criticized the Mouqawamah for jumping into action when Takfirism began to proliferate.

Indeed, he also exposed the role of the American ZOG in ISIS metastasizing inside Lebanon, revealing that Washington prevented the Lebanese army from tackling the Daeshi mercenaries in Jroud al-Arsal and US combat helicopters rescued the terrorists whenever they were getting routed on the Lebanese-Syrian border. The Amreeki regime armed and financed ISIS too, Nasrallah added. He categorically stated that the US cares solely about its own interests and views every single state in the Arab-Islamic world as nothing but a tool to be used or discarded. And as always, he spoke of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing genocidal assault against Yemen and blasted “Crown Prince” Muhammad Bin Salman for plunging the Hijaz into an insurmountable abyss as well as the West for watching Al-Saud commit massacre upon massacre with impunity. Sayyed Abou Hadi reiterated that Yemen, despite all its suffering, will soon have a Victory Day of its own.

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Most significantly, Nasrallah mocked the ‘Israeli’ enemy in a way that only he can. He highlighted that the usurping Zionist entity hadn’t launched an overt war since 2006 when his men mopped the floor with IOF over 34 days. Twisting the proverbial knife in the illegitimate Jewish regime’s chest a bit more, the Sayyed continued, “While ‘Israel’ has developed a great many capabilities and acquired state-of-the-art missiles and military hardware, it still cannot evade defeat.” There’s a reason for this, he said — they can’t get over the beating they took at Hizbullah’s hands. So much so, that ‘Israel’ is finding it difficult to recruit young ‘Israeli’ Jews into combat units.

Nasrallah quoted Zionist statistics that show more than 44,000 IOF terrorists — a staggering number — are being treated by mental health professionals and more still are seeking out psychiatrists. The Sayyed summed it up perfectly, “They [IOF] lack the willingness to sacrifice from yesteryear when ‘Israel’ was perceived as ‘invincible’. They lack the motivation to endanger themselves. The studies also show that the soldiers find it extremely difficult to cope with the lack of trust between them and their higher-ranking officers. Growing numbers are seeking release from military service on mental health grounds and simply put, IOF is unable to recover from its sense of defeat.” It’s for this reason that ‘Israel’ activated its Takfiri auxiliaries but they, like their Zionist overlords, came up short. Failure breeds failure. While on the Mouqawamah’s side, success breeds success and wins breed more wins. Subhan’ALLAH. This section of the Sayyed’s speech resonated deeply within the halls of the Zionist occupation itself, with analysts on ‘Israeli’ press outlets freaking out and shrieking, “Nasrallah frightens us and makes us feel utterly humiliated.” Labaykah ya Nasrallah!

Second Liberation Day, like Resistance and Liberation Day as well as Divine Victory Day, Islamic Revolution Day, Ansarullah’s September 21st Revolution Day, multiple days of importance for El Comandante Chavez’s (rip) Bolivarian Revolution and others, isn’t a mere date to remember, nor a hollow ritual that’s meant to come and go with zero passion and even less reflection. Rather, it’s a pivotal point in history that is meant to be cherished as a means of reinvigorating our spirits and rejuvenating our commitment to the struggle against Empire Judaica. It’s meant to give us life like the sun is meant to give us warmth. Because in the age of Dajjal, when evil is in more places of power and influence than ever before in some 10,000 years of human civilization, the victories of the oppressed aren’t just worldly events but otherworldly signs sent by ALLAH (SWT) to remind the Godwary that the reign of justice led by Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) and Isa al-Masih (A.S.) is near. And there are no triumphs like the triumphs of ALLAH’s (SWT) Party. Against an Earth-spanning alliance that includes NATO, the GCC, the “Arab” League, the OIC and of course the Zio-Tumor, Hizbullah smashed Takfirism like it smashed Zionism in 2000 and 2006. That’s not just something to remember. It’s something to celebrate. For all-time.

We now have a First Liberation. A Divine Victory. And a Second Liberation. May the Third Liberation and the Final Victory… In occupied Palestine where we will extinguish the hellfire of the Halakhic-Talmudic serpent… Spearheaded by none other than the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah… be next. With Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the helm, you know that it’s just a heavenly tick and an angelic tock away.


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