Having destroyed the country, ‘Sumerians’ are doomed to return to Russia

By: Sergey Belov


N.B – ‘Sumerians’ is jab at a Ukrainian nationalist ‘ethnologic’ theory, that Ukrainians are ‘not Slavs’ but ‘Sumerians’. One thing that Ukrainians do have, however in common with modern Iraqis (where Sumer was located), is that the US has destroyed their states. Iraqis, Sumerians, at least have the sense to fight back. Anything but ‘Slavic Brotherhood! – .ed


By: Sergey Belov – It is worth publishing the point that Russia is not going to “occupy” Ukraine, at least not as soon as the experts of online sites will be divided into two camps. Some will support a kick in the ass by “the Slav brothers” in a well-known European direction. Others, on the contrary, will be indignant, they will talk about “original territories” and “one people” left to their fate. In their view, with such a brainwashing in about ten years, there will not be a single Russian person left in Ukraine.

I am ready to support the views of both sides, but with some clarifications. Sending the descendants of the ancient Sumerians to Europe can and should be done, only with the proviso that they will go there except in private. That is, no one objects against the Sumerian tilers, plumbers and truck farmers in Europe, but there will never be full membership in the EU for Ukraine. As for brainwashing, then there are questions. I have no doubt that in ten years that sanity can completely endure, but for this you need to have these most precious ten years (or sanity). To the great misfortune of the descendants of the ancient Sumerians, they practically did not have time to realize all their crazy ideas.

To stabilize the situation in the country, the Kiev regime needs investment first. This simply does not exist and can not be taken from thin air. The West did not give it, does not give it, and is not going to give Kiev billions for the resuscitation of the Ukrainian economy and the transformation of the country into a kind of “showcase of capitalism”. In the conditions of the global crisis, the trade wars of all against all will not be invested in the economy. Credits of the IMF and other so-called “donors” do not count, since they are not going to develop the real sector of the economy, but rather to repay previously taken loans. Money is moving around, here and there, but actually there is no real investment.

In fact, the West, having supported the coup d’état in Kiev, having planted it on the IMF’s igloo, does not save Ukraine, but destroys it, which is obvious to anyone who at least superficially will look at the conditions for providing this “help.” The increase in gas prices prescribed by the Fund automatically led to a crisis in the chemical, metallurgical and other industries. The rise in price of fertilizer prices, the cost of which depends on the price of gas, in turn, has hit the agrarian sector.

The increase in prices for housing and communal services has led to the fact that the population began to spend less on consumer goods. In fact, the conditions of the IMF caused a chain reaction, when one outwardly just demand began to drag the whole economy of a huge country to the bottom.

In order to divert the attention of the Sumerians from the movement to the abyss, the Kiev regime started a fantastic performance on the topic of fighting corruption. Say, see the Sumerians, now we will overcome this cunning beast-corrupt and will be all right. The West, which controls every sneeze of the Kiev regime, is included in this epic battle between good and evil. Washington and Brussels strongly “recommend” Kiev to finally adopt some special anti-corruption law, because of which the fight against corruption is allegedly hampered. In the harmonious chorus of politicians, the press of the whole civilized humanity is included, which, with an enviable sluggishness, saw Ukrainian corrupt officials at the very top.

They say, when the Sumerians have finished with corruption, investments will come, then Ukraine will flourish and it will be all right. Only it will not become good, because all these figures shout not because, that they have become clear, but because no one is going to finance Sumerian happiness. Corruption is a cynical excuse to push the Ukrainian state to its original position in its endless race for European carrots. The problem of Ukrainian poverty is associated not so much with corruption as with the collapse of the economy, which is caused both by the fulfillment of the requirements of the IMF and by the break with cooperation with Russia.

The West had one sense to feed the floppy Ukrainian dog if she could wave her tail and run to Moscow. In the current situation, it can not become “pro-Russian” because of its internal causes, as well as Russia’s lack of such necessity. Until the gas pipelines are built around the unfinished, Moscow is interested in preserving the existing “anti-Russian” status of Ukraine. The likelihood of the fact that the gas pipelines will be built, with each passing day increases. In Kiev, they can shout “zrad”, accuse Germany of “betraying” certain values ​​of the civilized world, but Berlin sees the economic benefit from SP-2 and will protect it.

That is why in 2019 Ukraine will lose an enormous sum for its meager state budget of $ 3 billion for gas transit. Actually, she is hysterical, which was arranged by Kiev over the likely loss of revenues from gas transit, speaks of a catastrophic situation in the financial sphere. Think about it, the independence of a huge state and the welfare of millions of its citizens depend only on the income associated with some rusty pipe!

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However, Kiev has another source of income, which also demonstrates the sad financial situation, – expatriate laborers sending money home. According to the head of the Council of the National Bank Bogdan Danylyshyn, in 2017 they only officially transferred 4.5 billion dollars to the country, which is 8.4% of Ukraine’s GDP. This year, compared to the same period last year, the volume of private money transfers to Ukraine increased by 30%. Of course, all these funds greatly facilitate the lives of ordinary Ukrainians, support consumer demand, but they do not go to the development of the economy. It’s just money for which people buy food, pay for an apartment. The most sad thing for Ukraine is that active and able-bodied citizens have been sent abroad to earn money and no miracle will force them to return them back.

No less curious data recently led the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, which published a report on the country’s largest taxpayers. The top ten leaders are exclusively energy and tobacco companies! Naftogaz Ukrainy, Ukrgazdobycha, Ukrnafta, Priluki, Ukrtransgaz, Philip Morris Ukraine, JT International Ukraine … Interestingly, the Sumerians have at least once thought about what such data say? Do they understand that during the years of independence they successfully de-industrialized the entire country? Moreover, it is already impossible in principle to reverse the process in the absence of finance, modern technologies, sales markets and qualified personnel. Who will revive Ukraine? Pensioners and children under the supervision of the so-called “National Squads”?

Having eaten after the “revolution of hydrology” under the full program of shit, the Sumerians remember with nostalgia past times. Someone wants to return Yanukovych, someone – Yushchenko or Kuchma, and someone already dreams about the times of the Radian Ukraine. I, too, sometimes want to return to the times of my youth, when my back did not break down on the rain, only, unfortunately, it is impossible. Sumerians for the third decade successfully all together, to the best of their abilities and capabilities, sawed their country. Someone did it on a grand scale in public office, someone was engaged in small “business”, in every possible way avoiding payment of taxes. Everyone was fine, because there was something to saw, and the neighborhood with Russia, its cheap energy resources and privileged access to the market created the illusion of some prosperity. In February 2014, the Sumerians made their “remotely goodbye” choice …

I have often had to write about the fact that in Ukraine the growth of pro-Russian sentiments is inevitable. Whatever the tough regime is today, no matter how insane it may be tomorrow, sooner or later the instinct of survival will take its toll and moderate forces will come to power who will talk about the need to join the Eurasian Economic Union and the Customs Union. However, as before, there will be no more, because by that time the process of “Ukraino substitution” will practically end and the remnants of high-tech productions will in principle not be needed by Russians. However, before this simple truth, the Sumerians have to reach, as always, experimentally, through the back seat, and not through the head.

Some perceive events in Ukraine as a tragedy. However, if you look at what is happening from the point of view of history, then everything is just. The question is not even in the Crimea, which returned to the “native shores”, but the break-up of decades-old relations, when Russia was a donor of its imperial suburbs, living much worse than them. Sumerians did not breed because the Little Russians were originally vicious, but because they created ideal conditions for their reproduction in the outskirts. You want to get the privilege – to make a tantrum, you want to be added money, – hint at treason. So the mentality of the Sumerians was forged with their famous inclinations to betrayal and arrogant attitude towards the Russians.

Russia already does not owe anything to anyone. Russia will be loved not for the fact that it will develop the economy, science, culture of the Okrug at its own expense, but for the opportunity to come to Moscow and there to become a person. Everything will fall into place and will be arranged much more justly than before.

* Translated by J. Flores, for FRN – from Alternatio.

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