HORROR: ISIS ambushes Syrian Army, 13 soldiers martyred

ISIS fighters organized an ambush near the Al-Dumayr city airport


ISIS fighters organized an ambush near the Al-Dumayr city airport, killing three officers and another 10 Syrian army soldiers, a source at the Syrian security service explained.

“Brigadier General Nadim Assad, responsible for the security of the Al-Dumayr region, and two other officers, as well as ten other military personnel, were killed and five others were injured following an ambush organized by the Daesh [ISIS] terrorists east of the airport of Al-Dumayr in the province of Damascus,” said the interlocutor.

According to the source, the unexpected attack was carried out during an inspection of the Tel Dakva region.

“The terrorists came from the desert east of Al-Dumayr,” the source added.

The incident occurred a day after government forces liberated the last settlements in Daraa province that was under the jihadist groups control, ending the region’s occupation from terrorist forces.

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The military offensive in the regions partially controlled by several militant groups was launched by Syrian government forces in June after the country’s capital and several other towns were bombed by local militants despite a ceasefire reached with the help of the Russian Reconciliation Center .

Although a considerable part of the fighters of anti-government forces have been defeated, several jihadist groups continue to fight against government forces, particularly in the northwest terrorist-held province of Idlib. The Syrian Army are making all preparations to defeat the remaining jihadist groups in the country that are holed up in Idlib.

It is expected that western media will begin another major outcry despite Idlib being the main stronghold of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front in the country. It is also the main stronghold for other terrorist groups such as El-Zinki who became infamous for beheading a twelve year old boy shortly before the liberation of Aleppo, and other such jihadist groups responsible for sectarian massacres across the country.

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