Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire in Gaza, But What About Syria?


The Zionist entity known as Israel, and Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip, agreed to a truce on Thursday to end heavy attacks along the border, two Palestinian officials have announced.

Israeli officials have not yet commented on the matter. Israeli planes hit more than 150 targets in Gaza on Wednesday night and Thursday. On the other side, Palestinian militants fired dozens of rockets, including a long-range missile, into Israel’s interior.

More than 30 missiles were intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile defense system, however, some of them exploded near the southern Israeli town of Be’er Sheva, the Hareetz newspaper reported.

One Israeli woman was seriously injured while two others suffered minor injuries. The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that three Palestinians were killed and several others injured.

Hamas is usually seen as a resistance group across much of the Islamic World for their fight against the Zionist occupation of Palestine. However, in Syria, the only Arab state to support the Palestinian liberation cause, Hamas are seen as traitors since the very beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, when Hamas betrayed their backers and openly expressed their support for jihadist groups operating in the country.

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This demonstrated that Hamas are a jihadist organization willing to throw their support for other jihadist groups at the expense of their only Arab state ally.

Hamas went on to teach jihadists in Syria how to construct underground tunnels which were then used to dig under Syrian Army positions and detonate their positions from underneath, with devastating results. Hamas did this despite groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda never attacking Israeli positions, nor radical Sunni-majority states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar ever supporting them.

When it was apparent that they would not get support from their radical Sunni counterparts, Hamas expressed their willingness to reconcile with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, which Syria has refused.

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