by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – Hell’s bells are ringing because one of its own, the serial warmonger, nation-destroyer, terrorism-enthusiast and Zionist slave John McCain, has finally returned home. Yes, the longtime Arizona Senator and murderous minion of the Empire has died and gone to Jahannam. Don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of his death… unless you have a vested interest in clawing out your own eyes and sticking spikes in your own ears over the hypocrisy and fake-tear-filled lies being spewed… No exaggeration, it’s really been that vomit-inducing.

This man isn’t a hero. He’s not a man of decency. He isn’t of the people. He isn’t not an advocate of the downtrodden. He’s not a fighter for justice. Nor democracy. Nor human rights. He is in fact the antithesis to all of those concepts and anything else of benevolence that happens to be related to them. What is John McCain truly? He’s a blood-drenched, psychopathic, racist and criminal maniac who has had a hand in the slaughter, maiming, torture and displacement of millions of souls from the US itself to Latin America, Africa to the Balkans, the Arab world to Asia. That’s not an opinion. It’s a cold, hard, indisputable fact and everything said otherwise is nothing but a mask thrown on the hideous, fanged face of a monster.

McCain’s global reign of terror begins in Vietnam, where he was a US Navy pilot dropping bombs on Vietnamese civilians before being captured by the Vietnamese Resistance on October 26th, 1967. He flew 23 bombing missions that totaled about 10 1/2 hours. His last “target” before his plane was shot down on the above-noted date was a light bulb factory and a power plant. The munitions unleashed by his warplane murdered and wounded thousands of Vietnamese civilians and destroyed countless sections of Vietnamese infrastructure. Later on his life, he played a key role in facilitating the entry of American multinational corporations into the Vietnamese market to rape the country economically since the military rape clearly wasn’t enough. He also routinely referred to the Vietnamese people as “gooks” and said “I will hate them as long as I live.”

Barely two months after his release from the Vietnamese Resistance’s captivity, he did media tours in which he insanely pleaded for the continuation of the genocidal carpet bombing of Cambodia, where the American regime dropped 2.7 million bombs on rice fields, water buffalo and civilian villages from 1965-1973. That’s more than what all of the Allies dropped during WW2 combined. Read that again: COMBINED. More than 600,000 human beings were exterminated in this aggression. Over a million more innocents starved in the two years that followed due to all of their crops being destroyed by the savage US aerial campaign as well as Washington cutting off all humanitarian aid to Phnom Penh.

Then came Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, who wiped out at least 1.7 million men, women and children with full US support–military, financial, international and intelligence–in one of the most brutal reigns in modern political history. This is what “Honest John” supported. The Finnish government produced a study that called what the US and its tools did to the Cambodian people the “decade of genocide”. Point man for Cambodia was the sociopathic Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger, who would later become one of McCain’s closest friends and mentors.

Speaking of mentors, no analysis of McCain’s Zio-Imperialist rap sheet is complete without discussing how this devil got into the US Congress to begin with. After murdering Vietnamese children from high up in the sky and then lobbying for Cambodian children to be blown to bits, Johnny Warmonger moved to Arizona upon marrying Cindy Hensley, the daughter of Jim Hensley, owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in Arizona.

It was well-known that Hensley was mafia-connected thanks to the courageous efforts of a Phoenix reporter named Don Bolles who was murdered five years earlier for exposing the incestuous relationship between organized crime and sports services giant Empires (now known as Delaware North), owned by the Jewish-Zionist Jacobs family. What isn’t so well-known is ***who*** in the mafia Hensley owes his fortune to. Kemper Marley, the gangster that COHENcidentally ordered the hit on Don Bolles, was Arizona’s political kingmaker as well as the top dog of Meyer Lansky’s crime syndicate in the state, working closely with Gus Greenbaum, a lieutenant in the outfit.

Marley got his start in the liquor game with start-up capital and supplies from none other than the Jewish-extremist, Rothschild-patroned Bronfman family. The Bronfmans are infamous for being the yarmulke-rocking fat cats of Seagram booze and being up to their eyeballs in Zionist fund-raising efforts for the World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, Birthright and more, but what remains far from the public eye is their own affiliation, nay, PARTNERSHIP with Lansky–who they’d work with intimately in delivering cash and smuggling arms for the Jewish terrorists who’d steal Palestine. And who was the right hand man of Bronfman proxy Marley? John McCain’s pops-in-law Jim Hensley, who went as far as to take the fall for him when his crew got pinched on multiple federal liquor violations in 1948.

When Hensley got out, Marley, on orders from the Bronfmans, set him up as a beer distributor and the rest, as they say, is history. Hensley would boost his bank account further by purchasing a dog racing his track where drunk Arizonans would go to throw their hard-earned money away. He would sell this enterprise to the aforementioned Jacobs family, the head honchos of liquor distribution in the southwestern United States for… Who else? Yeah. You guessed it. The Bronfmans and Lansky. It was this dirty mafioso money, that Hensley literally had gifted to him by the upper echelons of World Zionism, that bankrolled and laid out the red carpet for John McCain’s entry into politics.

McCain repaid his Zionist benefactors by shilling for the war machine from day one as a two-term member of the House of Representatives and then as US Senator. He sat on the Advisory Board of the United States Council for World Freedom, a front for CIA-Mossad-backed death squads and dictators across Latin America, particularly Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. McCain voted to arm the Contras that tried to overthrow the democratically-elected Sandanistas and left a trail of bodies on their illicit quest.

Not only Nicaraguans either. But hundreds of thousands of Black and Brown families destroyed by the cocaine that they brought into the US with CIA assistance to finance their coup attempt. This Contra blow would be cooked into crack–also with CIA assistance–creating the worst drug epidemic the world had ever seen outside of the Sassoons–the Jewish banking dynasty of Baghdad and sergeants of the Rothschilds–pumping opium into China.

Moving over to Yugoslavia, McCain championed the monstrous NATO interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo, working very closely with Al-Qaeda gangs on Bosnian soil and the Takfiri terrorist, Albanian chauvinist thugs of the KLA. Hospitals and universities, oil refineries and senior citizens’ homes, bridges and markets were destroyed from one end of Yugoslav territory to the other by US-led warplanes, all while KLA goons raped and pillaged their way to a NATO statelet. And McCain loved every second of it.

All the horrors that have befallen Iraq since 1990? The Gulf War, the US-UN-AIPAC sanctions, Clinton’s routine bombing raids, the Iraq Liberation Act, the WMD lies, Bush’s ’03 invasion, cancers and birth defects from the depleted uranium and white phosphorus of “Shock and Awe”, the creation of Daesh and the fake US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition that wound up just slaughtering civilians and Iraqi Resistance fighters. Blood-dripping Johnny had his hands in all of it. In every way. On every front. One particular ghastly instance of his disdain for the Iraqi people was his whining on live TV because Operation Desert Fox–which left thousands of Iraqis dead and wounded–didn’t go far enough. He voted for the felonious aggression against Afghanistan and as recently as last summer right around this time, he was calling for even more American forces to be sent to Afghani land to continue the occupation that has left, at bare minimum, a million innocents martyred and turned millions more into internal and external refugees.


As chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), the sister organization of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and an extension of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the CIA-Mossad-linked soft war organ founded by Zionist Jew Allen Weinstein (one of McCain’s good buddies), Johnny McBloodthirsty was neck-deep in color revolutions alongside his friend and Rothschild underling George Soros. Together, they toppled governments in Yugoslavia (Bulldozer), Georgia (Rose), Ukraine (Orange), Kyrgyzstan (Tulip), Moldova (Grape) and Myanmar (Saffron). There were failures in Belarus (Jeans) and more recently, Macedonia (Lipstick/Colorful). Soros even helped get his pal’s namesake, the McCain Institute for International Leadership, started with a cool 100K donation. McCain the Murderer swears he has nothing to do with the organization on an operational level but the involvement of Soros — and Saudi Arabia — present an entirely different story.

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McCain and his neocon advisor Randy Scheunemann helped former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili start a war against Russia in South Ossetia that went terribly sideways–despite massive support from the usurping Zionist entity. And keeping in line with his role in toppling Ukraine’s government in the Sorosite Orange Revolution of 2004-2005, Johnny Ugly was back at it in February 2014 when he assisted the CIA ouster of the democratic government of Viktor Yanukovych and subsequent installment of the Jewish-Zionist Pinchuk-Kolomoisky-Poroshenko cabal–which utilized Neo-Nazi gangs like Right Sektor as shock troops for the takeover of the country. Until the day he left his Earth for the hotter, more barren pastures of Sulphurstan, McCain backed the Kiev coup regime’s genocidal designs on the Russian-speaking population of the Donbass, helping procure arms for the Russophobic militias, demanding new and harsher sanctions on the Russian Federation and going all-out in clamoring for an overt confrontation with Moscow as a means of strengthening the putschists.

There is yet to be a proper tally of just how many innocents in Novorossiya John McCain’s homies have killed. Without a doubt, McCain hated Russia, never missing a moment to blame it for every evil in the world, colluding with the neoliberal Russian opposition to overthrow Vladimir Putin and propagating the “Russiagate” fallacy with such frequency that the mere thought of it brings on a migraine.

Russia’s defense of Syria was also a sore spot for McCain, who left no stone unturned in providing every form of support imaginable for ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra goons who not only sought to get rid of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government, but annihilate anyone of any sect and any ethnicity who didn’t subscribe to their Saudi Arabia-like ideology. Johnny Barbarian told lies to the world about chemical weapons in Syria; he told lies to the world about “moderate rebels” and “freedom fighters” and “democratic allies”; and if he had his way, WW3 would’ve broken out between Washington and Moscow on the ground in Damascus.

The same can be said for Libya where he backed the Wahhabi fanatics alongside his closest friend in the Senate, warmongering fruitcake Lindsey Graham, as well as French Zionist Jew Bernard Henri Levy. McCain might have been the loudest congressional proponent of the Obama-led NATO aggression that left Tripoli, Sirte, Misurata and Sabha in ruins and Colonel Muammar Qadhafi raped and murdered. Elsewhere on the African continent, McCain supported the gold-looting war on Mali and the ‘Israeli’-led balkanization of Sudan, where his wife profited from the carnage that ravaged the Sudanese people.

It’s definitely safe to say Johnny Country-Mangler absolutely adored the perversion of Islam known as Wahhabism manufactured by the tyrannical House of Saud. Riyadh’s Ambassador to the US, upon hearing the news that McCain had died, called the malevolent miscreant a “great friend of Saudi Arabia”. Indeed, Johnny Interventionist has made sure for decades to support whatever arms deal was put on the table for Al-Saud and moved mountains last summer to keep up military support for the genocidal, Saudi-led, US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed war on Yemen. McCain has spent the past three and a half years puking hasbara about Ansarullah and whitewashing all of Saudi Arabia’s unspeakable crimes against the Yemeni people.

Slaughterous Johnny was also working hand-in-glove with the Saudi security services to deliver arms and money to his Christian-hating, Sunni-killing, Shi’a-maiming Takfiri buddies in Syria. He was a “great friend” of the brutal Bahraini despot too, Saudi Arabia’s closest ally in the GCC, helping prop up Khalifa at all bilateral levels and maintaining staunch support of the US Fifth Fleet in Bahraini waters. Truth be told, you’ll find it to be quite the arduous task to find a dictatorship backed by the US ZOG that McCain ***didn’t*** support.

And how can we forget the Zio-Tumor itself? Directly following his first trip to the shaytanic entity in the late 1970s with neocon scion Henry “Scoop” Jackson, there hasn’t been an act of ‘Israeli’ aggression that McCain didn’t love like a first-born child and use every single instrument in his toolbox to shield it from the big, bad, “anti-Semitic” world. The ’82 invasion of Lebanon to the “break their bones” policy of the First Intifada, the massacre of civilians in Qana to the atrocious acts of IOF savagery in the Second Intifada, the July War to the last three ritualistic baby-killing festivals in Gaza, McCain towed the ‘Israeli’ line every single time and twice on the Sabbath like the good little Shabbos Goy that he was.

He supported the military aid ($3-4 billion annually) and the loan guarantees ($6 billion annually) to the Jewish “state” unashamedly and unrelentingly. He might have started with the Bronfmans’ greenbacks alone, but by the time he dropped dead 48 hours ago, the likes of Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, Harbour Group Industries CEO Sam Fox, the Blackstone Group (headed by Stephen A. Schwarzman), Greenberg Taurig LLP, NORPAC (led by Rabbi M. Genack), Elliot Broidy, 9/11 co-conspirator Lew Eisenberg and many, many more Zionist Jews had poured tons of cheddar into his pockets. Many of these bonds were forged through his dearest friend and fellow warmongering vampire, the Jewish supremacist ex-VP candidate Joseph Lieberman.

It’s in this context that McCain’s repeated calls for the destruction of the DPRK, a major foe of the cancerous Halakhic-Talmudic regime, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, need to be seen. He desperately wanted a coup in Pyongyang if not a full-blown war of aggression. And it will be remembered for all-time his “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” rendition of the Regents’ song “Barbara-Ann” on April 17th, 2007. McCain enthusiastically sponsored Mossad-CIA destabilization operations against Iran, from the Green Revolution to the sabotage of nuclear facilities, and proudly claimed Maryam Rajavi, the blood-drenched wench who leads the pseudo-Marxist death cult known as the MEK, as one of his friends.

Verily, in coordination with his Mossadnik handlers, McCain has actually backed the MEK and all its subversive activity for some time now. It’s difficult to pass up wondering if McCain had been chosen by the “chosenites” to lead the ZOG, would the DPRK and Iran have been attacked? Would he have lashed out at Russia and China–who McCain once threatened with an “Arab Spring”–during the course of his rampage? Would we now be living in a world post-nuclear apocalypse because of his actions? That’s the sort of lunatic McCain was.

A final note needs to be made about how Maniac McCain was routinely depicted as a “voice for veterans” and an “advocate for the troops” by the Zionist media. It doesn’t get any sicker or more insulting. Sending men off to die in illegal wars for Zion is the polar opposite of each of those titles. And there is one group of veterans in fact that McCain actively colluded against–those of the USS Liberty, who were attacked on June 8th, 1967 for several hours by the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime with napalm as it pushed to use their blood to start WW3 between the US and the Soviet Union over Cairo. Admiral John Sidney “Slew” McCain Sr. spearheaded the cover-up. And replicating a page from the treasonous playbook of daddy dearest, Johhny Junior used his status as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee to straight up block any resurrection of a board of inquiry to reexamine the evidence of ‘Israeli’ criminality atop the high seas on that dreaded day during the Naksa.

McCain even praised his father for burying the war crime. In this vein, since 2011, to please Netanyahu, McCain publicly backed the release of Jonathan Pollard, the most damaging spy in American history. “Hero”, you say? “Guardian of freedom”, you bellow? Please. The most appropriate word for John McCain is TRAITOR. He sold his soul to ‘Israel’ and burned all the people he fronted like he was representing in the process.

While there remain many a Zio-warmonger in both wings of the US Congress, including McCain’s partner-in-crime Lindsey Graham, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Johnny Ghoul can no longer personally hurt another living soul. Rest in peace? No. Rest in piss. Rest in pieces. Rest in pain. Rest in the flames of Saqar forever and a day then an eternity on top of ten more eternities after that. Let the contents of this piece serve as an unsettling reminder of just how much of a demon John McCain was. From North Pole to South Pole, Eastern Hemisphere to Western Hemisphere, all the Bastard of the Bronfmans did with his life was hurt the vulnerable; oppress the voiceless; spread falsehoods for the sake of preserving ‘Israeli’ hegemony; and serve the enemies of humanity, be it weapons contractors like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon or the artificial Zionist entity and its parent company World Jewry.

May all his murdered victims have serenity in the afterlife and all his living victims as well as their still-grieving families find a way to cope in this life. Now that McCain is roasting and rotting in hell, perhaps now they finally will.


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