Lithuania builds NATO Polygon 60 km from Russian Border


In the Lithuanian city of Kazlu Ruda, the construction of the first NATO-standardized air force training polygon in the Baltic region is nearing completion, the press service of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense has announced.

The polygon will be located about 60 kilometers from the border with Russia and has the explicit mission of “contributing to the NATO policy of deterring Russia.” In it, military aircraft will be able to practice attacks against land targets. In addition, the structure will be used for the training of military pilots.

The construction of the polygon began in 2017 and its end is scheduled for the last quarter of this year. The project is being developed with the help of the US Air Force engineering unit, RED HORSE. Construction funding comes from the European Security Guarantees Initiative (ERI).

In addition, the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications has established a no-fly zone over the polygon for civil air traffic.

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This comes just as NATO has posted on its Twitter page a new propaganda video which put Russia in first place among “threats to transatlantic security.”

In recent years, Moscow has repeatedly drawn attention to and warned against NATO’s unprecedented military activity near Russia’s western borders, such as in the Baltic states. NATO continues to expand its eastward initiatives under the official pretext of “deterring Russian aggression.

Moscow has more than once expressed its concern over the increase of US-NATO forces in Europe. Russian President Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, recently stated that Russia poses no threat to anyone, but will not ignore actions potentially dangerous to its vital interests, as seen in 2008, when Russia militarily intervened to stop the NATO-backed Georgian invasion of Russian-protected South Ossetia.

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