Macron Begs Assad to Allow France to Appear Relevant by Bombing Syrian Sand

Perhaps France can be allowed to invest in rebuilding a post-war Syria led by Assad


What a difficult position France is in. World headlines this morning have read: “Macron: France Ready to Conduct New Strikes on Syria if Chemical Weapons Used“. As we’ve thoroughly reported, this is set to be a ‘False Flag’, or a ‘Hoax’. 

But given France’s relative inability to project military force with any efficacy on a country with a functioning military such as Syria, even one that’s using 1970’s era anti-air technology, what are we to make of this? The following is our best assessment.

France’s PM Macron is in our view, apparently willing to negotiate with Assad some relatively lucrative-for-Syria terms of rebuilding Syria under Ba’athist governance, if France can be allowed to appear domestically relevant on the world scene, by mobilizing perhaps a dozen of the actually functioning 3rd and 4th generation multi-role Rafales and Mirages which it has, to machine-gun and gently gesture at bombing some pre-agreed-to targets, mostly consisting of sand piles in the Syrian desert, or strategically insignificant SAA outposts which will be evacuated prior to any attack.

Now about those sanctions, well China isn’t under EU sanctions, and any proposal would effectively be individual French ‘non-state actor’ investors joining into a Chinese construction consortia.

The precedent was set, twice, by US President Donald Trump, who in April 2017 pretended to strike Syria in 2017. Then again in April 2018, another bizarrely ineffectual attack which  may have in fact hit some of the deep-state’s CIA assets, under Pompeo, in Syria – which perhaps indeed were chemical weapons facilities, albethey controlled by the CIA asset, Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda). Maybe this was the case, and perhaps not, but at any rate both attacks accomplished – and this is universally agreed upon – absolutely nothing (setting aside the Al-Qaeda pseudo-hypothesis). And only if nothing was the goal, was it a successful attack.

So how will the French attack upon Syria go? Well, if France manages a fake attack before the US does, then we should, as an aside, expect the neoconservatives of the Democrat and Republican parties, and the entire ‘MSM’, extol the virtues of  Macron as the truly American president.

The Syrian and French governments will have agreed to report that a number between 15 and 50 Syrian soldiers were killed. In turn, investment and capital management consortia connected to the Nouveau-Ancien Regime will be allowed to be a part of the ‘rebuilding’ of Syria, mostly under Chinese and Russian management.

In exchange, Syria will not activate its computer-upgraded S-200’s, often termed ‘S-250’, and won’t take down any of the four or five French multirole Rafale’s or Mirages which it will triumphantly deploy. The ‘hit’ rate of the S-200 upon such an aircraft is something between 70% and 99%, meaning that, since these things do get to fire more than once, and since they do have more than a few of these S-200’s, the French attack will end in ruinous flames of French post-colonial agony, and utter shame upon Macron for such a useless adventure.


So any attack, must be approved by the Syrians and Russians. For France, this is about future investments, the relevance of France in the eyes of those French who are still ostensibly French, and will be rooting for a French victory for French reasons and not Salafist ones – that’s the other half of the French media class today. But at any rate, so it goes.

France desperately needs to shore up the assurances of its negligent leisure class, by creating a media-hologram which is half-way believable to the capital management firms delegated to controlling the Nouveau-Ancien Regime’s assets and investments.

The hard-left often makes the egregious error of referring to the entire bourgeoisie as the ‘ruling class’, and vaguely, this is true. But specifically it isn’t so much true. There is an owning class, but as a result of numerous factors,  much of them are not in fact part of the ruling – that is decision making – class. There has been an entire multi-generational trend in which wealthy male heirs married women for their looks and performance between the sheets, and not so much their aptitude in the area of critical faculties. The result has been, in the last 75 years, the highest turn-over of wealth among that fraction of the 1% who own the vast majority of the wealth in the West (and much of Africa).

In short, much of the owning class today ignores much of what is going on, and instead exists as the leisure class today relies on the managerial class, professional asset managers, portfolio maintenance, trust-fund care-takers.

So long as the virtual reality simulacra exists which promotes the view that France is some sort of global power of relevance to anyone, they are happy to go about their leisurely activities whilst on occasion glancing upon the headlines of this or that mundane MSM publication. ‘Economy booming’, wonderful, ‘Macron gets tough on Assad’, tits. And so long as their money handlers, accountants, and portfolio managers also feed-back into the self-perpetuated hype, then the generally speculative economy has more imaginary gas to run on.

And so France is ‘ready’ to carry out more air strikes in Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday in a speech to ambassadors.

What functional opportunities would Macron have had to interact with Putin about how to go about remaining relevant? Well, simultaneously in today’s statement, the French president emphasized the preliminary outcome of the joint Russian and French format on the Syrian settlement.

“The coordination format with Russia, set up in St. Petersburg, has produced the first results, particularly in the humanitarian sector,” Macron told the ambassadors in Paris, according to information released in his official Twitter account. The ‘humanitarian sector’ invariably has meant; ‘How can we use UN cover to import supplies to the terrorists in Idlib/Aleppo/Outskirts of Damascus?’, etc.

This may mean that the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde which is Erdogan, is in Dr. Jekyl mode, and the NATO nub (US, France, UK) and Israel, can’t sort a better way to re-arm the terrorists holding Idlib. Earlier today, FRN reported that, indeed, Russia has said publicly that the British MI6 is active in Idlib assisting Al Qaeda.

“Europe needs to establish a new dialogue on cyber security, chemical weapons and a host of other security issues with Russia,” Macron added.

He also noted that he never insisted on the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad in exchange for providing humanitarian assistance to the country. At the same time, the French president suggested that leaving power in the future in the hands of Assad “would be a serious mistake.”

“France can not appoint future Syrian leaders … But it is our duty and our interest to ensure that the Syrian people can do this,” he said.

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Macron said he fears a serious humanitarian crisis in Syria’s jihadist-held Idlib province. What he perhaps really fears, is that the US, KSA, and Israel may ‘activate’ any of the potentially thousands of Salafist extremists walking the streets of Paris today. 

So Macron has multiple motives which instruct that he most do ‘something’, and yet no actual military way to make this possible.


The pains of imperial collapse are indeed severe, and national shame and global embarrassment can lead to some gross attempts to over-project what that nation has left. So the emergent multi-polar community is looking at ways to allow these somewhat over-aged post-empires to maintain a bit of their dignity, as they’ve invested in the illusion that they can project something militarily.

France “hopes that Russia and Turkey will put pressure on the Syrian authorities in connection with the situation in the province of Idlib”, argued Macron. At this point, we could really read much between the lines here, given what’s being proposed.

For Macron, having Assad ‘stay in power’ – “I think this scenario will be a terrible mistake […] Who provoked all those millions of refugees? Who is killing their own people?” Macron said this during his speech to the French ambassadors.

It’s wonderful that he checked this box, in so doing, he’s officially signed up for the Assad Must Go Curse. But indeed, in so doing, he’s avoided the CIA and Mossad ordering some sort of horrible public terrorism attack in the streets of Paris. Macron and his French intelligence handlers believe this is the right move, and it is the right move in terms of Macron’s policies staying in place. But for the US to pull off such an attack, it would be ‘corrective punishment’ for France, but at the same time, would further tilt the domestic political discourse in the direction of Marine Le Pen.

Macron’s  speech came several days after the Russian Defense Ministry accused the US, UK and France of preparing to carry out further attacks against Syria under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces.

According to the ministry, a group of militants, who were trained under the guidance of British military company Olive to work with poisonous substances, came to Idlib.

The US, UK and France coordinated a massive air strike against Syria in April 2018 after the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma had been reported by the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmet NGO, which was repeatedly spotted staging attacks under a false flag pretense.

In April, a number of opposition media, including the aforementioned White Helmets, reported a chemical attack on the city of Douma. No substantial evidence was presented and, as the Russian forces’ rapid investigation showed, no traces of chemical substances were found in the area.

European defense project

Macron revealed a new impetus for the European defense project, adding that the security of the continent should not depend on the US.

“Europe can no longer rely on the United States for its security. It is up to us to ensure European security … We need a strategic partnership with Russia and Turkey,” said Macron, explaining that “we are talking about important countries that should be ‘annexed’ to Europe”.

At the same time, he stressed that the strategic partnership should not necessarily mean Turkey’s accession to the European Union.

Earlier, the EU reported that it would spend almost 20 billion euros on defense between 2021 and 2027, with most of the money being spent on research and development of new military technologies.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on Europe to react to US sanctions policy against Russia, China, Turkey and other key economic partners.

Recently, Emmanuel Macron proposed an initiative to create a European military intervention force that could be quickly mobilized in case of crisis. Such is an inevitability, but itself may come as a stage in between departing NATO and for the EU to join the SCO or the CSTO. In fact, such a ‘stage’ was proposed by Putin himself in 2001. Talk about a visionary.

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