Maduro “Invites” FBI to Dismantle Terror Cells behind Assassination Attempt


President Nicolas Maduro is willing to accept the FBI’s involvement in the investigation into the recent assassination attempt on him if it helps dismantle terrorist groups allegedly working with/from the United States.

In statements made on Saturday, Maduro said Washington offered “the FBI’s cooperation to investigate the links between people residing in that country with the so-called ‘murder plan’.”

In this sense, the president indicated that if Washington ratified its offer of cooperation, “I would agree that the FBI would come and participate in the investigation and help dismember the terrorist cells” allegedly based in the state of Florida. Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said he would ask for the extradition of Osman Delgado Tabosky, appointed as the group’s financier.

Arreaza met last week with the head of business at the US Embassy in Caracas to “share the evidence” that was supposedly linked to those involved. The relationship between Venezuela and Washington has been under intense tension for years, and since 2010, the two countries have no ambassadors.

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Maduro’s comment coincided with the “urgent mandate” of the Lima Group – comprising of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru – to carry out independent, exhaustive and transparent investigations into the “incident” of August 4, in which two drones were piloted towards Maduro while he was speaking at a military rally.

On the other hand, the Lima Group described the detention of opposition MP Juan Carlos Requesens for alleged links to the case as “arbitrary, illegal and without prior investigation”, and also expressed their opposition to the arrest request against Júlio Borges, another opposition figure – who has been in Colombia for months.

Colombia and the US form the main opposition against Venezuela’s socialist revolution that aims to reverse neo-liberalism in the Latin American country.

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