MAJOR: CIA’s MOSCOW STATION GOES BLACK – Radio silence from informants, agents

Historic event: but what has happened and why?


In a major development reported in the collapsing US Empire’s paper of record, the CIA ‘Moscow Station’ has gone black. Communications from informants working with the American spying, subversion, destabilization, assassination,  drug-running, and human trafficking organization, known globally as the ‘CIA’, have ceased. The US intelligence service is at a loss to publicly explain what has happened.

The lack of a clear public explanation begs a rational one: ever since Russian authorities acted with reciprocity, and purged the US embassy in Moscow of their excessive staff (responding to US’s removal of Russian diplomats from the US, and the pressure of the US to remove Russian diplomats from consular offices of numerous other states), the CIA has also lost critical informants.

In other words, this has proved Russian allegations that the US embassy was acting as ‘Moscow Station’. 

With the silence of its informants, the CIA is in the dark about Moscow’s intentions toward the upcoming US elections. The New York Times also covered this story, giving it the veneer of establishment credence.

Although CIA agents did not believe that their sources were killed or compromised by any suspects, they would have been somehow neutralized by Russian counterintelligence methods. The statement came from newspaper sources close to US intelligence.

This is a monumental shift in terms of history: Russia has been working to remove CIA access to Russian activity even since the time of the USSR. It is expected that the CIA assets working out of Moscow will eventually make a live connection with DC again, but at a much lower operational level, reporting on subjects farther removed from circles of power.

Before the 2016 election, which saw Donald Trump come to the presidency, the CIA would have received crucial information from informants close to the Kremlin and even President Vladimir Putin, the report said .

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The text also added that retired and active agents say they are having difficulty getting information from Russia due to the expulsion of US agents from the country.

A former agent told the paper that the CIA’s work in Moscow has subsided and is under intense surveillance. CIA officials also said that sources close to the Russian president are very rare and that the US has only had a few in recent years.

In January 2017, the US intelligence community claimed that Moscow tried to interfere in the US election, adding, however, that a possible hacking action did not affect the final results of the vote.

Moscow denies accusations of interference in the United States, claiming that this violates the principles of Russian foreign policy. US intelligence were also not able to provide any substantial proof to back their claims.

This also comes as last year, a New York Times publication unveiled for the first time the CIA’s failure in China. Between 2010 and 2012, about 30 US agents (or more, according to some sources) were kidnapped and executed, and the CIA’s decades-long network in the Asian country was virtually destroyed by Chinese authorities.

Effectively this has demonstrated that the two growing powers that challenge US unipolarity have purged their states of US spies, infiltrators and traitors.

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