MAJOR: Kurdish YPG to Fight Alongside Syrian Army in Northern Offensive


After defeating several extremist terrorist groups in Daraa and Quneitra provinces, the Syrian Army is ready to defeat ISIS terrorists in Sweida province in southern Syria.

Kurdish YPG forces are ready to help government forces in their campaign against ISIS in Sweida, the Firat news agency reported on Sunday. In an interview, Commander-in-chief Sipan Hemo said that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) “has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to fight and defeat ISIS terrorists in many parts of Syria.”

Syrian Army troops and local allied militiamen were angered by a series of ISIS terrorist attacks that targeted the Druze community of Sweida last month, killing about 200 civilians. Dozens of young people have also been abducted by terrorists and have not been released.

Hemo likened the attack on Sweida, which he described as a “wild act”, to the ISIS campaign against the Kurdish-majority town of Kobane in northern Syria years ago, expressing the Kurds’ solidarity with the local people.

In addition to mobilizing forces at Sweida, the Syrian Army is also sending troops and military assets to northwestern Syria, with offensives in Idlib and northern Latakia expected.

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A combination of sources from within the Syrian military and anticipations on all sides suggest that a Syrian offensive operation could be launched as soon as next week.

Last month, a Kurdish official said the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would be willing to fight alongside government forces in Idlib, as most of the groups occupying the province are backed by Ankara, which commissioned several international operations against Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq.

The YPG are the Syrian branch of the Turkish-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which seeks an independent Kurdistan in eastern Turkey. Ankara recognizes the PKK as a terrorist organization, and therefore the YPG too. Turkey has been a major backer of terrorist organizations in Syria and it is expected that the YPG want to defeat these forces as part of their struggle against Ankara, hence the overtures towards Syrian forces amidst an expected offensive. 

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