A Syrian military intelligence officer has reportedly been assassinated in the west-central Hama Province, making it the second murder in two weeks, which Israel’s Mossad spy agency  is responsible for.

Ahmad Issa Habib, who was in charge of the Syrian army’s Palestine department, had been shot in the head in the village of Ba’arin, according to verified reports. The village is in the territory of Syria, making the Israeli crime additionally grievous.

Israel should expect a mirrored response, according to information received by FRN.


While there were contradictory reports on whether the unknown assailants had targeted the victim in his car or at his home, it can be sorted that Habib was targeted and hit in his car, near his home.

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Amounting to taking responsibility, Israel’s Army Radio quoted Syrian opposition sources as saying that Habib was “responsible for the struggle against Israel.” FRN points out to readers the so-called Syrian opposition believes it problematic to be engage in a struggle against Israel.

FRN’s Paul Antonopoulos previously re-tweeted a report from the MSM, that ISIS apologized to Israel for accidentally hitting an IDF target, mistaking it for a Syrian Arab Army target, the latter composed mostly of Sunni Syrian Arabs themselves. Such is the ‘rationality’ and loyalties of ISIS, revealing much.

Damascus is yet to comment on the assassination reports, as it is likely formulating its response. FRN will closely monitor these events.

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