McCarthyism 2.0: Russiagate – XENOPHOBIC fear mongering’s NEW WAVE


“A Spectre is haunting America: The spectre of Communism.” —Or, at least, that’s what the liberal establishment has wanted you to think since the 1960′[s. Perhaps the updated version should be: the looming threat of a Russian cyber-takeover…or something…

But, what I would like to address here is the significance of recent trends in establishment politics and media. That is, I would like to explain historical precedent and geopolitical implications very briefly here.

The concern for a supposed “Russian interference” has been overwhelming in the mainstream media. All one has to do is flip to CNN, or visit a recent Washington Post article, and one sees a pattern: a consistent cognitive dissonance amongst the talking heads of the mainstream media; They believe that the liberal democratic electoral process is so pristine that the only way a fascist dictator like Trump was elected is due to foreign intervention.


But, this is, indeed, nothing new…


Just about every contrived stereotype that has been generated about Russia in recent times is rooted in two things:

  1. an inherited phobia of Russia that has developed since the start of the Cold War, and
  2. an overt sense of butthurt that Donald Trump won the election.


The current trending Russophobia being peddled by the Democratic Party and their predominantly white, petty-bourgeois constituency is but a recent link in a longer chain of neoliberal chauvinism. The collective mentalities of swathes of what are considered the “left-wing” in America are rooted in the establishment’s decades old, exceptionalist propaganda.

Russophobia has been apparent in the United States since the “McCarthy era”: a period full of widespread panic and paranoia rooted in the fear of a Russian-communist takeover. Led by smear tactics and reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, the McCarthyite movement would embark on a demagogic campaign against a supposed communist threat. Many were wrongfully accused of subversion following the initiation of these fear tactics. The situation got out of hand, and the US Senate even had to censure the activities of McCarthy and his xenophobic campaign.


However, the flavor of recent smear campaigns is a little different: Various social media outlets, such as Facebook and YouTube (Google), have been targeting individuals under questionable allegations. These could be activists, polemicists, and thinkers that take a public stand against imperialism and American aggression. Although the current repression is not as severe as during the Cold War, the origin of these sentiments still lies within a horribly-distorted worldview; It is rooted in the same causes. Only, this time, the risk is that “Russian bots are attempting a cyber takeover”.


YouTube feels the need to inform their viewers that Telesur is a Latin-American, state-funded media agency—yet, they are negligent to state the explicitly similar relation of the BBC to the British state. Or, perhaps a hotter topic, is the random closing of Telesur’s Facebook page. No real explanation was given, nor did Telesur technically violate any terms or agreements.


The double standard is glaring. But, one must start to think: “is allowing the streaming of gruesome Mexican cartel execution videos, or child pornography—while also taking down anti-imperialist social media accounts—the result of mere negligence?


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There is actually a bit of irony to the whole fiasco. If you want to look for instances of cyber attack on the US, there is some subject matter. Take for example the phishing of the DNC emails, when  Podesta made an oopsy. But, the fact that the democratic party is all bent out of shape about the “rigged election” is exceptionally hilarious when you take into account the fact that the phished emails revealed plans to rig the primaries.

There is a blatant cognitive dissidence that the purveyors of this neo-McCarthyite conspiracy theory exude. After, interference is part and parcel in a country whose socio-political order revolves around the most acutely centralized oligarchy the world has ever known.


Israeli intervention in US politics vastly outweighs anything that Russia has done… or what they didn’t do. Netanyahu has lined the pockets of congress members to remain negligent about the increasing grabs of Palestinian lands. With increasing influence in the white house through lobbying and shady dealings, Israel is able to direct policies in their favour in the middle east to their behest.

This SNL skit, a surprising moment of truth in the mainstream, sums that up.


Like I said, interference is part and parcel of our oligarchic political establishment.


There is a new-McCarthyist flavor of establishment politics looming in the West. There is ever-growing repression against anti-imperialist and dissident voices. Coming as no surprise, some contingents of the radical “left” have also been stamped-on by this beast.

“Radicals”, like Alexander Reid Ross, evidently feel fine calling themselves ”anarchists” while simultaneously smearing actual anti-imperialist activists and thinkers in the same fashion as an active McCarthyite would do.


Thus, the soil of our geopolitical landscape is becoming more arable for establishment backlash, much like the 60s. The camps are forming, and as multipolarity continues to threaten US global hegemony, United States propaganda will continue to peddle outlandish, xenophobic conspiracy theories in a tragic attempt to prop up their decaying hegemony.

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