MEDIA WAR: Ukrainian military discloses Donbass INVASION plans on live TV


The Ukrainian army has developed a plan to storm the positions of the armed forces of the DPR in the near future, according to a serviceman of the UAF, Karapinka. He made the statement on Ukrainian national television. 

“I think that in the near future there will be an assault. Because the army is rebuilding, it is being reformed, the tactics and strategy of fighting are changing. In the near future, the assault is more than likely. Karapinka stressed; 

“But this will not be so simple. Everyone must understand that this is not an easy thing. It is not at all easy to take fortifications, which for four years only strengthened. Without a confident military and good operation, and considering a tactical operation (offensive, assault, sweep) it is very difficult. Remember 2014: how many unjustified victims … It’s a shame. We must avoid this,” 

Countless thousands of UAF as well as NATO mercenaries were killed in the ‘meat gringer’ at Debaltseve, where the Donbass rebels created a pocket, pincher move, and cauldron, leading to exorbitant casualties. 

According to the sum total of events conducted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces command, and the occupiers on the ground, it is obvious that Kiev has not abandoned the option of a forceful solution of the Donbass issue.

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What the serviceman says on Ukrainian television serves several purposes. That it comes from a non-official, low ranking personnel, and that he speaks in an unofficial capacity, is a way to hear from the public a ‘military view’, without having an officer give an official statement, to which Ukraine may be held responsible for in some manner. 

Additionally, his statement, his ‘opinion’ helps to prepare the Ukrainian public for what military planners may indeed try to do. 

As FRN as previously reported, Poroshenko is facing a difficult re-election, and he has several possible strategies in the case that a close election seems realistic. One of them is to openly say that Russia has invaded Ukraine, which he has alluded to but never said in an official capacity in front of the Rada, such that he could invoke the constitutional clause that allows for emergency rule or martial law.  

Presently, Ukraine and the Donbass rebels have a UN approved ceasefire, which also comes with the Minsk II agreement, which stipulates among other things, that the Donbass be recognized as having special autonomous status within Ukraine. Ukraine has not lived up to its end of the agreement, and has effectively surrendered the east of the country, where the strictly Russian ethnicity predominates. Additionally, the UAF still has heavy munitions near the ceasefire line, itself a violation. Donbass rebels have repeatedly reported to the OSCE of these violations. However, the OSCE appears to be running cover for Ukraine, as well as engaging in information gathering and intelligence work on behalf of NATO structures operating in Ukraine.


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