Merkel delivers HARD TRUTHS to Ukraine & Georgia: EU NOT on agenda


It’ll be hard for the first hundred years – tears and groans at the Tbilisi forum as Merkel brought down Ukraine’s (and Georgia’s) hopes for EU membership. She refers to the difficulties of Brexit, which she sees as inevitable, as well as complications ‘absorbing’ Balkans states into the EU. 

The next ten years will only go to work out steps for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, there is no question of joining in the coming years.

During a meeting with the students of Tbilisi State University in the honor of Ivane Javakhishvili, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel made several pointed remarks which reveal much about Germany’s policy. These weren’t comments made in EU-RF bilateral talks, nor were they made to US leaders with regard to Nord Stream-2.

Rather, they were made directly to a liberal ‘Westernist’ audience, wanting to hear other news than what they received. 

She commented, much to the chagrin of those present, that the next ten years will maximally be spent looking at how to work out steps for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, there is no question of joining in the coming years – there is no plan for it in the foreseeable future. Being as tactful and diplomatic as possible, probably already hearing the sound of shattered hopes in the audience, she attempted to clarify:

“Georgia, along with Ukraine, are precisely the countries that have the greatest European perspective. Over the next ten years, we will identify the steps that need to be taken in the future, “she said.

According to Merkel, the EU can also not give any promises to Georgia.

“You know that, in the process now, are the prospects of EU membership for the countries of the Western Balkans. You also know that very soon the UK will leave the European Union, “she said.

At the same time, the Federal Chancellor added that proceeding from the above, and taking into account the issues of European security, “it is difficult to make a decision, both in the medium and long term.”

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We may recall just recently that US National Security Adviser John Bolton, made a similar remark – that the issue of joining NATO is in the hands of Ukraine. This no doubt doubly, even triply agitates and infuriates the Kiev Junta, who were made many promises, and today have only something close to a failed state. The reality is that Kiev has passed every law, made every resolution, even copy-pasted every bit of US doctrine the could into their own, to make NATO membership possible. And so Bolton’s statements are ‘passing the buck’ – Ukraine has done all, everything, and more to join NATO. 

If only Ukraine could join NATO, then they could simply invoke Article 5, discover that the pro-Russian militias in the east are just the Russian Army in disguise, and bring about ‘the war to end all wars’. Then Ukraine will surely have earned its place as a ‘Western’ country. In truth, it is the US that has no real capacity to incorporate Ukraine – such is a ‘Red Line’ that would perhaps even see a direct liberation of Kiev by a beefed up Novorossia Army. 

One of the things that made the EU ‘profitable’, was the speculative economy – and as the US made money speculating off war spoils, and fueled its military industrial complex and Wall Street – the EU made money from the ‘EU expansion speculation’. This worked wonderfully in the 90’s and 00’s, when the post-Communist corpses were still fresh, when there were still bright, shiny, wonderfully functioning state industries to privatize, to bring to heel, to disassemble – to make Germany more ‘competitive’ in comparison.

But Ukraine is ‘old hat’, it is the grandmother working at the brothel.  It’s 2018, not 1999 – there’s nothing there that hasn’t been picked over by the vultures of the last US administration. That was the point of the “Euro-maidan’. There was very little ‘Euro’ about it. In many ways, it was a ‘false flag’ operation. American operatives, seeking American profits, stuck little EU flags in the hands of half-wit protesters. And the rest, as they say, is history.

At least Merkel speaks the truth about these matters, and many other things too, more often than not, and more often than she is normally given credit for.


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