More Terrorists in Quneitra Surrender as Syrian Army Pushes to Liberate South


A correspondent in the Daraa province in southern Syria has reported that the Syrian Army is continuing its operations liberate the villages and towns of the province from terrorist forces.

Dozens of militants were killed on Tuesday, including Abu Walid al-Masri, the infamous leader of ISIS. Bombers that the terrorists used to block the Syrian military offensive were also destroyed. In the hands of the militants were found TOW munitions, bombs and anti-tank missiles.

At the same time, in the neighboring province of Quneitra, in the village of Jubata Al Khashab, militants are handing over heavy and medium weapons as part of the signed agreements. Informed sources have said that a tank with ammunition, a missile launcher, 2 armored vehicles, 3 cars with 14.5-mm machine guns, a Shilka anti-aircraft system, a 122-mm piece, grenades for mortars of several calibers, homemade bombs and ammunition have all been surrendered.

On July 19, under Russian mediation, a peace agreement was reached between the Syrian authorities and the armed opposition in the province of Quneitra in southwestern Syria. According to sources on the ground, some militants have surrendered to the authorities in order to seize the opportunity to return to a peaceful life. Others, who have refused to lay down their weapons, will be able to travel with their families by bus to the jihadist-held Idlib province.

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The militants who have decided to leave voluntarily cannot carry more than one assault rifle and three porters with ammunitions for each adult man. Operational commanders are allowed to carry a pistol, but the remaining weapons are collected.

It is expected that the terrorists who opt to go to the jihadist-held Idlib province will still face the prospects of annihilation within the coming months, as the Syrian Army prepares to liberate that territory. Rumors suggest that an operation to liberate the province will begin in September, however, a definitive statement has yet to be offered by the Syrian military, and the tensions surrounding such an operation, particularly with Turkey, are extremely acute.

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