Morning news rundown shows grown up boys, masters of make-believe, still playing war

Kurt Volcker emerges like a cuckoo clock striking the hour


“Is it possible to repay the IMF its money without new tranches? But today this is impossible.” Cute. Using “new tranches” instead of “new loans” puts a little mask on the circularity

Like a cuckoo clock striking the hour, Kurt Volcker, US Special Emissary for Ukraine, emerges to say the West cannot tolerate Russian Aggression, and Russia must be taught that it mustn’t use force abroad and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. I read it this morning, but how can one be sure that it wasn’t just reprinted from any day of the past four years. Volcker himself said it “This policy has been going on for more than four years.” His job is simple. Unlike an actor getting cast in a new play, he has no new lines to learn. It’s the same old tragicomedy, and his challenge is to recite his lines with a straight face.

I observe that the main reason for having a policy is to prevent further thinking on the subject.

More black comedy emerging like the cuckoo clock striking the hour: in this morning’s news: Verkhovna Rada MP Denisenko observes that Ukraine cannot repay the IMF if it doesn’t get new IMF loans. How many times have we read this? The same time yesterday? Yesteryear? Well next year, 2019 this time, Ukraine will have to repay the IMF $6.5 billion. How?

He asks:  “Is it possible to repay the IMF its money without new tranches? But today this is impossible.” Cute. Using “new tranches” instead of “new loans” puts a little mask on the circularity. In other words, I will pay back the dollar you loaned me yesterday if you loan me a dollar today. Europe has to pretend this is normal, but the IMF has repeatedly shown it can play make-believe with the best of them. Wasn’t there a rule that IMF does not loan to countries at war? And doesn’t Ukraine pretend it is at war with Russia? How circular can this world get? IMF not only pretends Ukraine is at peace, but also pretends Ukraine is not pretending to be officially at war with Russia, defending the West from the ravening Russian bear. Also today, Ukraine has officially announced increased combat readiness against the Donetsk and Lugansk Republic. IMF, are you listening?

Also in today’s news, we learn it is a disgrace for Poles to complain about honors being piled upon the memory of Bandera. The Zhitomirsk Region is the heart of the Polish minority in Ukraine, but nevertheless, the Zhitomirsk government has proclaimed that 2019 will be the Year of Bandera, and has  told the capital city to allocate funds in its budget for a monument to that most infamous of Nazi collabos. The Polish Organization of Zhitomirsk objected. When the chairperson of the Regional Polish Organization and Region Council Member tried to speak against the measure, she was shouted down with cries of “Shame!”

The US and Canada continue ignoring the nature of the Grand Guignol Government that Nuland and Pyatt put in place in 2014. Valery Chaly, Ukraine ambassador to the US, tweets today in proper Ukrainian

“I want to open the curtain a little. At the parade on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine there will be a plenipotentiary representative of the President of the United States. This is not just symbolism – it is a clear indication of the support of our strategic partner.”

True, US support for Ukraine’s junta is unflagging, but the ambassador’s tweet is another mask: we’re not important enough for the president, so Trump won’t be here, but no fear, he’s with us in spirit, and The United States of America has our back.

Amidst the US support, the announcement of Canadian firm PGW Defense Technologies that it will supply Kiev with LRT-3 sniper rifles is almost a trifle. Only an order worth a million. .

No fear about where the million will come from. More notable is the fact that there will be service after the sale:  the contract provides for “certain after-sales support, maintenance and training.” Translation: there will be more Canadian mercenaries in Ukraine teaching soldiers how to murder Russians.

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