MOSCOW – Condemning yesterday’s assassination attempt on Maduro, which FRN has assessed was carried out by pro-US assets, the Russian Foreign Ministry has issued the following statement:

We strongly condemn the failed assassination attempt against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and we categorically consider the use of terrorist methods as tools of political struggle unacceptable. It is obvious that such operations are aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country after the recent Congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela which outlined priority steps for restoring the national economy. We are convinced that the regulatino of political disagreements must be done exclusively through peaceful and democratic means. We express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and wish those who suffered in this terrorist attack quick recovery.

This is a major development, that will change the future course of Venezuelan history. What we forecast now, is that the opposition will claim that this is an ‘inside job’, because this now gives the Venezuelan government a free hand to increase its security presence within the opposition forces, legally. The Venezuelan opposition has been involved in carrying out orders from the US, where the ‘left-wing’ of the American eagle continues to attack using the several decades old ‘Soros’ type ‘color-revolution’ methods.

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The US under the Trump brand is in the process of negotiating a down-scaling of its empire, or at minimum is attempting to give these signals to trans-Atlantic partners and Eurasian geopolitical opponents alike. In exchange, the US would like to enforce a Monroe Doctrine 2.0, where it develops complete hegemony over Latin America.

However, as the US has given some concessions, mostly words, guarantees, and a ‘shift of tone’ from the White House, the US deep state has not yet undergone a policy shift. Therefore, the US continues to try to build up and reinforce itself in the Middle-East and Eastern Europe. As a result of this, Eurasian powers, Russia and China, are unlikely to bend with regard to their key Latin America regional allies such as Venezuela.

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