MOSCOW: “We are world leaders in new military equipment”


MOSCOW – The Russian Army has stated that its huge rearmament program has transformed the nation into a world leader in terms of new military equipment. Today, about half of the Army’s heavy equipment, such as tanks and artillery, is of a high level.

Over the past five years, the Army has received more than 25,000 pieces of new equipment, such as tanks and armored combat vehicles, and more than 4,000 pieces of modern artillery and missile launchers, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister General Dmitry Bulgakov to reporters on Wednesday.

“According to independent specialized agencies, in 2017, Russia had led the world ranking in terms of military hardware,” said the general.

Bulgakov also mentioned that about 50% of existing military equipment is now completely new.

Russia is undergoing a massive rearmament process, deactivating old weapons from the Soviet era and replacing them with modern types of armor and firepower.

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In November, the Army reported that Russia had become the country with the most tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and various rocket launching systems (MLRS).

Military analysis company Global Firepower places the Russian Army second rank out of 136 military in the world in terms of strength, behind only the United States. The ranking considers more than 50 factors, including the number of weapons available and their combined firepower.

A 2015 report from Swiss bank Credit Suisse also placed Russia second, behind the US, in its Military Force Indicator.

This came about after Vladimir Putin became president and underwent a huge campaign to replace outdated and rusted Soviet equipment that was left to deteriorate under Yeltsin. Russian military equipment has been proven to be highly efficient and has been battle tested in the Russia-Georgia conflict of 2008 and in the Syrian war since the Russian intervention in September 2015. Because of the proven efficiency and price, more and more states are preferring to buy their military equipment from Russia rather than the US.

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