Nasrallah: VICTORY IS NEAR in South Syria, Iraq, and Yemen


By Jonathan Azaziah 

Every single day that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks is a day worth being alive.

In a region filled with stooges who don’t know their feet from their elbows but do know quite well how to take a Zio-Amreeki check, Hizbullah’s Secretary-General stands alone doing backflips on zeniths and peering into the most stunning cloud formations.

Every speech he delivers is an event and a lesson in geopolitical acumen that is required reading/watching/listening for anyone who aspires to know what exactly is taking place not only in Lebanon and our region but the world. Yesterday’s affair was no different.

While, as usual, there were a multitude of highlights and sections to analyze, there are three parts that especially stand out and require our utmost focus: Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Unlike the overwhelming majority of “experts” and “commentators” in both mainstream and alternative media who know less about Iraq, its dynamics and its nuances than they do about quantum physics and string theory, Sayyed Abou Hadi comprehends all these elements in supreme detail and thus is able to break matters down with an unmatched sharpness.

Yes, the government in Iraq is corrupt and basically worthless. Yes, the American ZOG has influence on certain segments of the Iraqi military and these segments have been used as proxies by the American ZOG from the beginning of the ’03 invasion until now.

But the Iraqi Resistance/Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd al-Shaabi) is an independent body of Islamic Mouqawamah that behaves according to Islamic laws of war and is very much connected to the Resistance Axis and the regional struggle against Zio-Imperialism.

Many a fight in Syria could not have been won without Hashd al-Shaabi’s assistance and NONE of the fights in Iraq could have seen victory without it. Because of this, the US has routinely bombed Popular Mobilization fighters and particularly those from Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba (HHN). ‘Israel’ has too. The attack on June 17th against Hashid al-Shaabi positions in the town of Al-Hari in Syria’s Deir Ezzor, leaving at least 22 moujahideen martyred, was launched by the artificial Zionist regime.

And it in this context that Hizbullah’s fearless leader stated in no uncertain terms that the Iraqi Resistance fighters who were targeted in this strike will be avenged. The leadership of Kata’ib Hizbullah and HHN will gather the intelligence needed, the Sayyed continued, and do what is necessary to bring justice to the Martyrs.

Nasrallah said unequivocally that it is PROHIBITED to stay silent in the face of the enemy’s aggression and offered his sincerest and deepest condolences to the families of the Shouhada while nevertheless still saluting and celebrating their bravery and sacrifices.

Considering it was Hizbullah that trained a large part of Kata’ib Hizbullah and HHN’s command structure, including HHN’s righteous chief Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, and also considering that Hizbullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance work very closely together in Syria, no doubt that the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon will be at the forefront of assisting Iraq’s best and brightest in this regard. Nasrallah did call it a “critical incident” after all.

With regard to Syria, the Sayyed declared bluntly that victory in the south was near. It wasn’t just eastern or northern Daraa or even just Daraa itself but Quneitra and the entire area of southern Syria land. Nasrallah said that the Takfiri terrorist groups are breaking down at one of the most rapid rates in the entirety of the Zionist war on Bilad al-Sham and the “social incubator” of Takfirism had been abandoned.

The Takfiri gangs are laying down their arms, dropping their ambitions and desperately seeking reconciliation. This runs true for Al-Qaeda-linked gangs, the FSA and the lone town still occupied by ISIS. The Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their allies are moving with such swiftness and delivering blows that are so crushing to the Zio-NATO-GCC-backed Wahhabi invaders that ‘Israel’ is openly wondering if it should intervene further or not.

This is a massive slap in the face to every alternative media personality who said that Hizbullah would leave southern Syria due to Russian pressure and Russia desires for a “peace” deal as well as those same individuals who said that the Syrian state would submit to the same pressures and desires and allow its southern territories to be annexed by the ‘Israeli’ cancer. Shame on you all. Pay more attention to Sayyed Abou Hadi and less to your own warped views and prejudices and you’d be much, MUCH better off.

The Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Hizbullah-Iraqi relationship is a solid one and won’t be ripped apart by “Tel Aviv”.

Indeed, Nasrallah reminded us that the battle of Syria is not just that of Syria by its lonesome but that of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine… And for there to be a future prevailing over Global Zionism in the next (and final) war, Syria must be freed.

Without question, it was Yemen that represented the biggest and most explosive fireworks of the Sayyed’s latest verbal dissertation. In the 48 hours before he spoke, Zionist and Saudi media outlets along with Collaborationist-Yemeni social media accounts were spreading a story that 8 moujahideen from the Party of ALLAH (SWT) had been captured and another 8 had been martyred in Yemen.

Nasrallah categorically denied this as a fantastical delusion and said that if it had been true, Hizbullah would have announced it with pride. This is most certainly the case historically. For when the Resistance had martyrs and prisoners in Palestine, the Resistance proudly proclaimed it. And when the Resistance had begun operating in Syria at the request of Damascus and had its first martyrs, the Resistance proudly proclaimed it.

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The same goes for Iraq. If and when the Resistance has martyrs in Yemen, because as the Sayyed clandestinely said, he won’t confirm or deny whether or not Hizbullah actually ***is*** in Yemen–a suggestion in and of itself that the Hizb is indeed there providing assistance according to the Sayyed’s profound declaration in support of the oppressed, “Wherever we must be, we will be”–rest assured that the Resistance will proudly proclaim that too.

Keep all of this in mind… Because simply put, everything else is noise.

The Sayyed then described the massive military operation currently underway in Hodeidah, stating that Saudi Arabia and its allies had more intelligence officers and experts not to mention resources and armaments than one could even name.

And yet, the Yemeni Resistance led by Ansarullah is not merely resisting and holding its ground but winning decisively and inflicting massive losses on Al-Saud and its cronies.

He saluted Malaysian revolutionary Mahathir Mohamad for pulling Malaysia’s military out of the Yemeni war and called on Sudan –which shocked the world with its betrayal of Yemen and the Palestinian cause 3 years ago — to remember its not-so-distant history of defying the Empire and follow Malaysia’s example.

Brushing aside reports in the Jewish-owned, Jewish-controlled mainstream media, the Liberator of Lebanon noted that all these claims of the Dönmeh Saudi regime had control of the Hodeidah Airport were utterly false and despite the fact that the aforementioned Zionist corporate press outlets have so much money and influence at their disposal, they couldn’t produce one lone photograph of this alleged control.

This proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the strength and steadfastness of Ansarullah. Nasrallah said that the triumph is Yemen is a “miracle” and that anyone who has just the slightest knowledge of what’s taking place in the land of Saba (A.S.) should drop to their knees and bow before this legendary band of Mouqawamists.

Bringing it all home, and bringing chills from the top of my neck to the bottom of my feet in the process, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the man who has inflicted defeat on the Zionists time and time again since he took on the role of Hizbullah’s commander-in-chief 26 years ago, humbly said, “I sincerely wish I was with you, fighting right by your side under the orders of your wise leadership.”

Yemen will not capitulate, the Sayyed concluded, and it is for this reason that the war must end as it has no future whatsoever.

On a personal note, whilst in Zionist-imposed exile, I most definitely missed writing about Nasrallah most of all. He never lets us down. He never leads us on. He tells us how things are and how things should be. He finds a way to light a candle when the Darkest Darkness is howling and growling to swallow us all.

The Sayyed is the Truthful Promise/Promised Truth in every sense of the phrase and if he didn’t emerge as the pole-shifting, history-remaking giant that he is, the world we know today would be one in which ‘Israel’ occupied not just Palestine and Syria’s Golan Heights, but the entirety of the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates.

Instead we live in a world where ‘Israel’ is on its last legs and will soon cease to exist, with both Palestine and Syria’s Al-Jaulan totally liberated. We have Hizbullah to thank for this. We have Sayyed Abou Hadi to thank for this. He isn’t ***a*** victor… He is ***the*** Victor.

That’s why when he says that the battle in and around Daraa is nearly through, that Iraq’s HHN and co. will avenge their Martyrs and that Yemen will never, ever surrender, you take that to heart not as a hope…but as a fact. So to the victories of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and ultimately Palestine, let us raise and pump our fists. And then raise and pump them once more for the one and only Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.


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Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against the Zio-US Empire.


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