Native Brazilian Traditions Against Liberal Globalism

By Raphael Machado


By Raphael Machado, New Resistance Brazil – Brazilian indigenous nations and tribes have always aroused the interest of anthropologists. Since the beginning of the last century scholars have tried to contact them to study their origins, cultures, beliefs, customs, etc. Hypothetically, everything is done under a veil of neutrality, but history shows that it is not quite so.

In the 1960s several anthropologists studied the Yanomami. During these visits, they were subjected to genocide, as the anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon intentionally infected them with measles as part of an experiment.

But it is another anthropologist who visited them and “studied” that deserves our attention here. Jacques Lizot, French anthropologist, wrote one of the major studies already written on the Yanomami. In this study, among other things, he asserted that among the Yanomami homosexuality was common, especially in youth.

Lizot compared the Yanomami to bonobos who used “free sex” to relieve tension. What was only discovered long after these visits was that Lizot was a homosexual pedophile who kept bribes and gifts a harem of Yanomami children and adolescents during his period of “studies.”

Lizot’s behavior aroused disgust, contempt, and hatred among the Yanomami, but his easy access to resources of every kind ensured that he literally managed to control an entire village, as in something out of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.”

In his “studies,” Lizot projected all his bourgeois vices on the Yanomami. Everything that inhabited his mind and heart he “found” in the natives. Masturbation, homosexuality, bisexualism, incest, sodomy. Absent from his works, however, was any material evidence or even the indigenous voice. There is no mere interview with any member of the Yanomami in their works.

It is the typical vision of the progressive European colonizer, classic evidence of “left imperialism.” It is the European throwing books talking about what the Yanomami are or are no longer, without giving any speech or speaking opportunity to the Yanomami themselves. Unfortunately, Jacques Lizot’s works on the Yanomami are still regarded as important sources of study on them.

But this is not a reality restricted to the past. Having already corrupted European and American customs, the humanitarian progressive vision (the rainbow mask) of imperialism now wants to do the same with the Indian tribes. Voices of “anthropologists” stand up arguing that homosexuality was common in the Americas before the arrival of the settlers and that they invented “homophobia.”

A recent example was that of a supposedly academic progressive page that raised this thesis. Several indigenous people raised objections in real time, asserting and insisting that homosexuality was alien to their nations, that what progressives were trying to do was a new kind of colonialism, that the purity of their peoples was being tainted by strange ideas that put risk their very existence. In fact, the intentions of “experts” who try to sell these ideas to compound ethnic groups, some by a few hundred, should be questioned.

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Genocides caused by humanitarian, humanist, progressive people already abound throughout the twentieth century.

The progressive answer to these objections raised by authentic and legitimate representatives of indigenous peoples, however, is a schizophrenic racism that would make any normal person blush with shame. The Indians, concerned with defending their traditions and identities, are accused of being “colonized” by “shepherds of the Universal”.

Yes, apparently, the knowledge of the natives themselves supported by oral traditions spanning dozens of generations is worthless. Who knows even about Indians are progressive scholars who have studied them from books written by pedophiles.

Progressives like these PSOL people who invents an indigenous candidate to simulate representativeness, but who are intellectually quite Westernized, effectively colonized, despite their makeup and fantasies. These are people who, if not prevented, will end up with the indigenous peoples of Brazil in less than a generation. They are as threatening to them as any neo-Pentecostal onslaught.

The notion of leaving indigenous peoples at peace, allowing them to be themselves, escapes the humanists and universalists, whether on the right or the left. It is not on either side of the coin that they will find a way to defend themselves against the forces that threaten to extirpate their way of existing.

At that moment, only the Fourth Political Theory appears as an alternative.


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