NATO Portrays Russia as “Security Threat #1” in Hypocritical Propaganda Video


On August 9th, NATO posted on its Twitter page a video in which Russia was listed in first place among “threats to transatlantic security.”

“In the east, Russia has become more assertive with the illegal annexation of Crimea and destabilization in eastern Ukraine, as well as strengthened military potential near NATO borders,” the statement said.

Other threats to NATO’s security listed include the situation in the Middle East and Africa, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber attacks, the sphere of energy supply, and climate change.

NATO’s video is blatant disinformation and propaganda, as it is NATO forces that have consistently advanced up to Russia’s borders since 1991 in an attempt to geopolitically strangle Russia in the interests of the US Atlanticist project.

Russia has repeatedly warned about the consequences of NATO expansion up to its western borders, whereas NATO has called its expansion “restraining Russian aggression.”

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Moscow has also more than once expressed its concern about the alliance’s increasing number of forces in Europe. Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman recently reiterated that Russia poses no threat to anyone but will not ignore actions potentially dangerous to its interests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting earlier on accusations that Russia has exhibited “aggressive behavior”, pointed out that all this is “talk for the poor”. Putin stressed that the military aviation operations of NATO countries in the Baltic region are much more significant than any Russian military exercises, which are carried out within Russia’s own borders. In addition, Putin recalled that the US has spent more on “defense” than all other countries in the world. As is well known, this “defense” spending has translated into numerous US-NATO-provoked wars and destabilization campaigns across the globe.

Relations between Russia and Western countries were most significantly aggravated by the NATO-backed coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014, as a result of which Crimea seceded from Ukraine and re-joined Russia through a popular referendum. NATO accused Russia of intervening in Ukrainian affairs and imposed sanctions, starting a vicious cycle which continues to this day.

Moscow has imposed retaliatory sanctions while denying the allegations repeatedly and declaring that it is useless to speak in the language of sanctions, thus urging for diplomacy and the mutual recognition of sovereign interests. Russia has also repeatedly pointed out that it is not a party to the internal conflict in East Ukraine between Donbass resistance forces and Ukrainian military aggression.

NATO’s latest propaganda video comes at a time as the Atlanticist project is in deep crisis since Donald Trump was elected US President on a platform of imperial reform entailing the downsizing of Washington’s NATO operations in Europe and seeking improved relations with Russia.

Fort Russ News’ analysts have consistently forecasted that this effectively means that NATO’s own rug is being torn out from underneath it. In this context, NATO’s new video demonstrates the alliance’s outdated inertia and refusal to cope with the reality of an increasingly multipolar world in which the Washington-led Atlanticist project has failed. NATO is living in its own dying simulacrum, and no Twitter videos will save it. 

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