By Jonathan Azaziah


By Jonathan Azaziah – 

*Views expressed by Guest Authors are their own, FRN publishes these for research and educational purposes.*

More than a bit anomalous for a wordsmith to utter this sort of sentiment but sometimes even the oldest, most mineral-rich rivers dry up… And as of this moment, I am out of words. After ‘Israel’ bombed illegally besieged Gaza on Thursday and murdered 18-month old Palestinian toddler Bayan Khamash and her 23-year old mother Inas, who was also 9 months pregnant and set to give birth any day… I’m simply… Out.

There won’t be an essay filled with myriad transhistorical references to Jewish supremacist evil. There won’t be any military/geopolitical analysis about the imminent and inevitable demise of the Zionist project. There won’t be invocations of past martyrs or past crimes of the artificial Jewish “state”. There just won’t. Because it’s not necessary. Look at her image on the coffin – JUST LOOK AT HER – and ask yourself the following questions:

Does an entity that prides itself on slaughtering babies like Bayan deserve “legitimacy”?

Does an entity that views pregnant women like Bayan’s mother Inas as fair game for its occupation army deserve “peace”?

And does such an entity that engages in such barbarity even deserve to exist?

Set aside your notions of World War II history because of the narrative of the US-British-Soviet “victors” shoved down your throat since you were born. Also give a mental purge to whatever you thought to be true about the long-discredited idea of “anti-Semitism”. You can let go of all previously held conceptualizations about the Holy Land itself too.

I just want you to tell me if you… As a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin, a best friend, a confidant, a sheikh, a pastor, a DECENT HUMAN BEING… Would be okay living next to a group of people high on a potent, psychopathy-inducing drug perfected to a degree akin to well-oiled machinery over the past 4,000 years called “chosenness” who routinely kill, maim, torture, imprison and rape children? Would you? And when you obviously and wisely answer “no” in a terribly thunderous way… Then put two final inquiries before yourself: If you wouldn’t accept a hostile cancer on your doorstep hellbent on annihilating you and your children… Why in the name of Almighty God should Palestinians? And since they shouldn’t, why aren’t you screaming with every drop of force you have to defend their right to expel the aforesaid malignant tumor from their land by any means necessary? Why, oh why indeed.

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Al-Fatiha for Bayan Khamash, her mother Inas, her unborn sibling and 30-year old Ali al-Ghandour, an Al-Qassam Brigades moujahid who was assassinated when IOF’s bombing first began.

I wish I had more to write… But since I’m too engulfed in rage to do so… I’ll leave it to Palestinian protest poet and former mayor of Al-Nasira Tawfiq Zayyad, with lines from his piece “Our Country Is A Graveyard”, a classic and a masterpiece that always hits home:

“Gentlemen, you have transformed our country into a graveyard/You have planted bullets in our heads and organized massacres/Gentlemen, nothing passes like that without account/All that you have done to our people is registered in notebooks/”


Views expressed by Guest Authors are their own, FRN publishes these for research and educational purposes.


Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American MC, writer and geopolitical analyst. His writings (which can be found on focus on decolonization and ideological/cultural resistance against what he terms the Zio-US Empire.

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