Op-ed: Fake Liberalism as a tool for Trans-Atlantic Globalists


What people refer to as “liberalism” nowadays has nothing to do with the real Liberalism. These days, “liberalism” is just a default ideology that services the interests of the big Trans-Atlantic corporations and financial institutions, the institutions and the people of power who can be loosely described as globalists.

If a person describes himself as a “liberal” these days, the chances are they are getting their worldview shaped by the likes of The New York Times, The Guardian, or The Economist, which they consider respectable newspapers and take everything they say at face value. The general principles that are considered central to the true Liberal worldview (the backbone principles such as freedom of thought, innocence until guilt is proven, equality, rationalism, diversity, and all the other progressive ideas) get thrown out the window in an instant as soon as their mainstream media goes on another pro-war propaganda spree.

People who consider themselves “liberals” these days seem to have comparatively limited capacity to orient themselves in the world, as they don’t have a strong theoretical and ideological backbone, so they must rely on the popular opinion and the mainstream media (which forms the former) to tell them what to think.

They don’t really have any concrete, intrinsic principles.

They normally cheer for military interventions and illegal bombing campaigns conducted by the US and NATO forces if they are told that it’s done in the name of Democracy™ (similar ideas can be used to justify any atrocities in their view, same as religious fanatics justify their wrongdoings with the “God’s will”, “Jihad”, or whathaveyou, which really tells a lot about how primitive and pre-Modern their thinking really is). They support Wahhabi head-choppers if they are told that those groups are “freedom fighters” who fight against “totalitarian tyrannies” (which, in most cases, is just a codeword for governments that don’t bow to the American and West-European business/financial classes). Whatever goes in line with the interests of the Trans-Atlantic banksters and their capital, those “liberals” will get behind it, as long as the media babies them through it and sugarcoats it all with Democracy™, Freedom™ and Liberal Values™ balderdash.

Those “liberals” are not actually liberals. They just use labels and superficial terminology that is detached from substance.

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Those are the people who furiously (and often rightly) oppose everything Trump ever says or does, but who, at the same time, genuinely believe that the only issue Obama had was him wearing a tan suit.

I bet if people like Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the media outlets like MSNBC, BBC, and the SBS were to begin propagating nazi ideas (without labelling them so), in a few years time, all those “liberals” would be marching on the streets and pointing at the sun with a “Roman salute”.

People who call themselves “liberals” these days have a totalitarian mindset. They are made to think that their worldview is superior, and that their ideas are the most logical and the most rational ones. When they encounter people with ideas different to what they view as “acceptable” (read as “mainstream”), they don’t want to learn anything. They believe that they already know everything.

Sure, you are technically free to have your own opinion, in their view, however, if it’s different to theirs, to them, you’re either “uneducated”, “ignorant”, or “mentally ill”.

Don’t be a gullible tool for Trans-Atlantic globalists. Read a lot. Educate yourself. Compare multiple viewpoints. Do it rationally. Study. Think. Form your own, independent worldview. Make it systemic and holistic. Go cross-disciplinary. Progress yourself to the point where you won’t longer need the mainstream media and official talking heads to tell you what to think.

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