Poland under U.S Occupation: Will Poles Stick Up for Themselves?

By Konrad Rękas


By Konrad Rękas for FRN – 

Since American troops were deployed to Poland in January 2017, there have already been dozens of accidents and incidents involving US Army soldiers and convoys. The American command has since managed to issue apologies for a whole series of such events in…Japan. Well, there has to be some order, since Japanese land has been occupied by the US for 73 years, and Poland only a few, so I suppose we’ll have to wait a while.

In all seriousness, however, the point is not hypocritical words of regret, but realizing and solving the whole range of problems resulting from the stationing of American occupying troops in Poland.

First of all, attention should be paid to the US Army’s recruitment methods and the low intellectual and moral level of its soldiers, who are recruited from the underbelly of American society and sent to countries they have never heard of under the command of not-so-clever non-commissioned officers and regular officers who are selected by affirmative action programs. To top it off, these troops are deployed in a system whose sanity is highly dubious and which excludes the possibility of even the slightest influence and control on the part of the authorities of the country to which they are sent.

US Army bases are states within states in which everything is American – from ketchup and fries to gendarmerie and exclusive jurisdiction. This is not merely the occupation of Poland. It is the direct detachment of the lands housing the occupiers from Polish sovereignty. In this situation, conflicts with natives were only a matter of time!

Poles are surely likely to rush to assume comparisons with the presence of the Soviet Army in communist Poland. However, it should be emphasized that the Red Army’s stay was merely a result of the Cold War unleashed and waged by the West, and it objectively defended Poland from German revanchism and border revisions.

No one really enjoyed the need to host Soviet troops in Poland – neither Poles nor Russians. Soldiers were locked in barracks and were punished very strictly for even the smallest offenses, including being immediately sent back to their country for further punishment. And any mention of these “guests” was subject to censorship. In a word, the necessity was a real necessity, but no one ever thought of bragging about, rejoicing over, or ordering ordinary Poles to celebrate the presence of Soviet troops. The communist authorities believed that Polish national pride and Poles’ sense of dignity might be offended by the excessive exposure of the presence of a foreign, albeit fraternal army. From today’s situation’s perspective, this seems to be an overestimation of Polishness!

Nowadays, this band of primitive road pirates known as the US Army is being feted by authorities at all levels, and local governments are racing to organize festivities for the occupants. Youth and children are forced to take part in infantile competitions in the likes of “painting our wonderful American friends.” In other words, we are dealing with the long since breached elementary limits of the absurd, and Polish dignity has been trampled and crushed by American convoys.

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The leadership of the Republic of Poland’s armed forces is playing an equally disgraceful role in this scandal. Unfortunately, the very structure of the Polish army, its promotion system, and its servility to Washington, NATO, and deals with domestic politicians is turning the Polish Army into an obedient tool of Americanism, thus completely renouncing even the tiniest hints of Polish national interests. Of course, this generalization mainly concerns those careerists who dream of additional wages for participating in American colonial wars.

The core of the Polish Army is healthy, and volunteers from the Territorial Defense Forces could successfully remove and replace the American occupants and be ready to defend Poland and Poles from Ukrainian and Lithuanian chauvinism, i.e., real, tangible military threats.

It is clear that the recent case of Krystian from Zlocieniec – a Polish soldier who has been detained for beating up two American occupiers – is only a symbol. Granted, the three men were fighting over a girl, which makes it difficult not to smile. Two foreign idiots came onto a Polish girl, and when one of our guys got into a fight with them, they went to the police with complaints. The sad reality is that if they had raped the Polish girl, they would have been safe from Polish justice on their American base.

This shows that there will only be more conflicts, and that the American troops in Poland are and will always be the bull in the china shop. This also shows that the Polish state administration has neither prepared people for these conflicts, nor is it itself ready to handle such – yet against all the odds, Poles themselves will manage. They just have to take it upon themselves.


*Konrad Rękas is a Polish political commentator, journalist, and vice-chairman of the “first non-American party in Poland” – Zmiana. He is also the founding chairman of the Kresy Restitution Association.*

Translated from Polish by Jafe Arnold

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