Poroshenko promises ‘UNPLEASANT SURPRISES’ for Russia at upcoming UN meet


Kiev is preparing several initiatives in relation to Donbass and Crimea that will become for the Russian delegation “an unpleasant surprise” during the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly, said the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Vladimir Elchenko.

The meeting will be held from 24 to 27 September. Earlier, Elchenko reported that the Ukrainian president, Pyotr Poroshenko, will make a statement in the session on September 26.

“Several unpleasant surprises are waiting for them [Russians] in relation to Crimea and Donbass,” Elchenko said during a briefing broadcast on Ukrainian channels.

According to him, when the initiatives will be officially presented, the Russian delegation of the UN will be “unpleasantly suppressed”. In addition, according to the Ukrainian representative, it is planned to approve a resolution on the Crimea during the session of the UN General Assembly.

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Earlier, the Ukrainian president said he had instructed Ukrainian diplomats to prepare a new resolution on the Crimea until the next session of the UN General Assembly. According to him, Ukraine intends to raise questions about alleged violations of the rights of the Tatars living in the Crimea. In turn, Russia pointed out in the International Court of Justice that Ukraine failed to prove the fact of the Crimean Tatars’ discrimination, from which it was accused.

The Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014 after a referendum in which more than 90% of residents voted for reunification. However, Kiev still considers the peninsula as Ukrainian territory. The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed and correctly that reunification occurred in a legal manner, in accordance with international law.

Crimea historically was a part of Russia, but was transferred to the Ukraine during the Soviet Union era. This was not considered a major issue as Russia and Ukraine were united under the banner of the Soviet Union, but with the Union’s collapse, Ukraine maintained sovereignty over the peninsula.

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