Poroshenko’s last stand – ELECTIONS, BLOODSHED as Ukraine expects IMF default


By the fall,  “Death by hanging” will strangle Ukraine. Kiev, according to the IMF, should raise gas tariffs for the population, but this threatens Ukraine with a default. These statements were made by the Rada deputy Yuri Pavlenko.

The increase in gas prices ought to be accompanied by additional subsidies to the population. Otherwise, yet another desperate layer of the failed Ukrainian society will freeze this winter. However, the main problem is that there is no money for this. The deficit of financing the public sector is already 1.5 billion USD.

It would seem on paper, in theory, that with gas prices that are higher, more money will go to the country’s budget through these fees, even if at the expense of reduced tax revenue from commodity sales from the private sector. But in reality, the problem is that this scheme doesn’t benefit Ukraine. 

Thousands upon thousands freeze to death this winter if they cannot escape to Russia and EU states, where millions already have been externally displaced since the US-backed coup struck Ukraine and set the country backwards economically by an order of a century. The response from the still able bodied, the right sector and the nationalist and neo-nazi formations, and the soldiers of the standing army who are every day on the verge of total mutiny, together means this fall and winter will culminate in a total showdown. 

The beneficiaries of the increase in gas prices for the population are the mostly US corporations and their EU partners who, even if at odds now in their own trade war of sorts, are ‘in it together’ on the pillaging of Ukraine. But this pillaging has material, physical limitations, and also a political dimension of increased instability. Neo-nazi and far-right nationalist formations increasingly appeal to disaffected people, mainly the middle-aged and youth, when presented with the two options pre-formulated by the West and guaranteed by the Maidan – liberalism or nazism.

Further cuts in the public  sector are inevitable. And the already impoverished population is even more impoverished. And the answer is always the same: ask for more money from Western creditors.

The so-called ‘Independence’ (from Russia) in Ukraine has already reached the point where the Chairman of the Council directly says that the lawmaking in the country directly depends on “international partners”.

This was stated by Andrew Parubiy, commenting on the possible extension of the law on the special status of the Donbass. Also Parubiy hinted that the existence of the state of Ukraine depends on the preservation of anti-Russian sanctions. It is evident to all paying attention that Ukraine now is in itself an anti-Russian sanction of the West upon the whole of Eurasia.

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In the meantime, Poroshenko’s propagandists drone on and emulate a contrived anger, that all who oppose the re-election of the current Ukrainian president are working for the Kremlin. They say that any president, except for Poroshenko, will surrender Ukraine to Russia.

This is a real “last stand” for Poroshenko. Victory or death. The “agents of the Kremlin”, by the way, are OUN militants  (the organization of Ukrainian nationalists) according to Porshenko’s propagandists, and have already taken a clear position against him. The leader of the organization, Nikolai Kokhanovsky, announced his readiness to seize power in Kiev by force.

The right-wing radicals have put an ultimatum to the Kiev authorities.

“Either we remove those in power and seize control of our state, and build an absolutely new state, or we will lose everything: independence, and in general such a notion as a nation will be destroyed,” said Kochanovsky. According to him, it is the radicals who will decide where Ukraine will move further.

Things will only get hotter and hotter as the destabilization continues. Fighting between special forces and pravy sektor regiments has already occurred again recently. This time, the political and economic crisis will not be avoided.

A critical mass of problems has long been overdue, and the United States and Europe no longer want to support the lame Maidan power. This fall will witness tremendous political upheaval, and a general and final loss of confidence in the pro-Western coup-installed government.


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