PREDICTION: Iranian General warns U.S of collapse


KARAJ –   FRN reveals that according to an Iranian military official who warned Saturday, Washington is in its worst political situation ever. According to his analysis and prediction, the US will soon collapse, if the White House continues its current policies,

The head of the Strategic Studies Center of Iran’s Army, Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, said,

‘If the White House continues its current policies, the US will certainly face the same destiny as that of the former Soviet Union.’

The US has taken any number of unilateral measures since President Donald Trump came to office in 2017. Washington has pulled out of several international agreements and organizations, including the Iran Deal, Paris climate agreement, and UNESCO.

Referring to the past US policies toward Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the General said Washington has pursued its plots against Tehran in various ways and under different covers.

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‘The evident instances of the US plots are creation of the Takfiri terrorist groups in the region and waging bioterrorism and economic wars,’ he said.

The US empire is apparently overstretched. Despite the Iranian  overall well-informed opinion, the collapse of the US empire is fueled by overarching factors beyond the control of the executive branch of government, and perhaps beyond the structure of present US government in general.

These have little to do with the policies of Donald Trump, or the administration before him, but relate entirely to the post-war world order which saw the U.S as the global hegemon of the so-called ‘Free World’, with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact and its related sphere, and later the Non-Aligned Movement, representing an alternative to US global hegemony.

Pourdastan’s comments nevertheless resonate with what many intelligence and academic centers around the world have concluded – the ‘American Century’ is over, and the global phenomenon of desecularization and multipolarity appears now irreversible.


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