Putin is a ‘political chess player’ – Austrian media flips pro-Russian


“By pure pragmatism” relations between Russia and the European Union on an equal footing are extremely important, according to the Austrian newspaper Kurier.

Despite all the “hysteria” surrounding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the marriage of Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, Russia must be an egalitarian partner of the European Union, Kurier notes .

The publication highlights that the Russian president is a “political chess player” and thinks rationally. Austria does not consider Putin to be “rejected by the world community,” the publication says.

According to the newspaper, purely pragmatic relations between Russia and the EU on an equal footing are extremely important.

“In addition, the new world order in Syria is possible, perhaps only with the participation of the Russian Federation (and Turkey). From the economic point of view, closer relations between Europe and Russia will also create a huge competitive advantage. Despite the differences, we have a stronger link with Russia than, for example, China, which European countries probe intensely, but often in vain,” the paper said.

However, despite the Austrian newspaper pushing for better relations between Europe and Russia, aggression towards the Eurasian Giant continues. A group of Russian Pacific Fleet ships located an “enemy” submarine during exercises in the Okhotsk Sea.

“After leaving their base in Vladivostok, the ships completed an antisubmarine maneuver during which they searched for and located a conventional enemy submarine,” said Fleet spokesman Nikolai Voskresensky.

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According to him, the Ka-27 naval helicopters, normally used in anti-submarine warfare missions, also participated in the trainings.

The naval group consists of the Variag missile cruiser, the Bystry destroyer and the anti-submarine frigates Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Panteleev.

In the course of the maneuvers, the ships will also launch missiles and artillery shots.

“Pacific Fleet vessels are expected to carry out joint actions with ships and aircraft stationed in northeastern Russia,” added the Russian Pacific Fleet spokesman.

Given the location of the incident, it was most likely a US submarine that was identified as an “enemy”.

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