by Jonathan Azaziah – George “Al-Hakim” Habash, the revolutionary founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), would’ve been 92 years old on August 2nd. World Zionism hated him. When he passed away on January 26th, 2008, the Zionist media was in a frenzy. The Independent called him “Palestinian terrorist leader”. BBC labeled him “Palestinian radical”. Boston Globe referred to him as someone who “led PLO plane-hijacking faction”. LA Times said “Arab nationalist planned hijackings”. NY Times described as a “Palestinian Terrorism Tactician”. And my personal favorite, “Terrorism’s Christian Godfather”, rolled out by Time Magazine. As we translate the JewSpeak into actual English, what all of this actually means is… Al-Hakim was a Mouqawamist renegade who fought against injustice until his dying day and despite the most insidious efforts of Zion to break him and his commitment to the cause, he never wavered.

He always stood larger than life–never to be seen without his black leather jacket and flashing a smile that could light up the abyss. Born in the ’48 Palestine town of Lydda to an Orthodox Christian family, he and his loved ones were driven from their homes in the Nakba. His sister, who was a mother of six, was gravely ill, and due to the Zionist encirclement of the area preventing medicine from getting in, she ultimately was martyred. Habash dug a grave with his own hands and buried her. He wanted to be a doctor and help the poor across the Arab world who were beleaguered by Rothschild-financed European colonialism – and become a doctor he did, graduating at the top of his class in the American University of Beirut – but the terror of the ethnic cleansing and the murder of his sister by Zionist savages set him on a different path. One of resistance and revolution.

It should pain us all to know that the PFLP grandsire died impoverished and in brutally enforced exile in the Jordanian capital of Amman. And with that agonizing sadness, we should also remember all of the high points of his incandescently Brobdingnagian life that helped catapult the Palestinian cause into global consciousness. He founded the Movement of Arab Nationalists (MAN) which helped Yemen defeat British colonialism, laid the groundwork for (unfortunately failed) unity between Syria and Egypt and gave hope and dignity to workers all across the Khaleej suffering under US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed dictatorships. After the Naksa, he founded the PFLP and internationalized Palestine.

The hands of the Mouqawamist Doctor could be found in South Africa, fighting Zionist-backed apartheid; Nicaragua, battling the CIA-backed Contras; and Oman, standing shoulder to shoulder with PFLOAG (Popular Front for the Liberation of the Arabian Gulf – which was modeled after the PFLP) in the trenches against UK-‘Israeli’-Shah-backed despotism. Hijackings that were carried out by the PFLP were done so to defy the war criminal hag Golda Meir’s suggestion that Palestinians didn’t exist and show the world that such ruthlessness is what the Palestinians were left with to combat an even more ruthless, self-aggrandizing enemy.

Never mentioned by the Jewish-dominated corporate press is that Habash later distanced himself and the movement from the tactic. When his right-hand-man, Wadi Haddad, continued with the maneuvers against his direct orders, the latter was expelled from the PFLP–also never mentioned by Zion’s fake news apparatuses. Al-Hakim found inspiration in the Vietnamese beatdown of American occupation forces and called for there to be a Hanoi in all parts of the Arab world, as he said that the liberation of Palestine passed through every Arab capital. He believed that armed struggle and only armed struggle could deliver the Palestinian people and all Arabs from the gnarled clawed-fingers of Zionism. His heart shattered when Mossad murdered his dearest comrade Ghassan Kanafani (R.A.) but his knees did not buckle.

Despite the Marxist-Leninist structure of the PFLP, Habash was an Anti-Zionist Arab-Palestinian first and foremost. While the American ZOG and the usurping Judaic cancer sought to crush the Palestinian Mouqawamah with the Oslo Accords and open adoption of their puppet Arafat, Al-Hakim forged an alliance with Islamic Resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, defending them from smears and vowing to be next to them until victory or martyrdom.

The amalgamated battlefield command of the PFLP, Al-Qassam Brigades (of Hamas) and Al-Quds Brigades (of Islamic Jihad) would prove to be crucial in the Second Intifada and lead to the liberation of Gaza from Jewish settlers. Habash also admired Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) and declared his support for the Islamic Revolution, noting that nobody should be surprised that communists would identify with the achievements of the Imam as it went beyond ideology and entered into the realm of an Anti-Imperialist, DTI-seeking commonality. No wonder then that today the Islamic Republic of Iran is the biggest funder of the PFLP.

Lest we forget that Al-Hakim stood with Syria despite occasional (and vociferous) differences with Hafez al-Assad and was one of the world’s loudest voices cheering when Hizbullah achieved the historic victory over the Zio-Tumor in 2000 and again in 2006. Even before that however, Habash had been a vocal and enthusiastic supporter of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance. It is a little-known fact that during the dark time of the War of the Camps in which the Syrian state and Amal made the political and moral error of besieging Palestinian refugees, a special operations brigade of the Party, including Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.) himself, smuggled food to those who were starving. Al-Hakim humbly thanked Hizbullah for its commitment and declared its leadership and moujahideen to be true friends of the Palestinian cause.

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Overall, George Habash will be remembered most of all for his upstanding character. Truly, he was completely and utterly INCORRUPTIBLE. The Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Jordanian, Emirati, Moroccan and (then-Saddam-ruled) Iraqi regimes all tossed money at him in hopes of swaying and controlling him. He never took a penny. Indeed, the Arab dictatorships – all in the pay of Washington and “Tel Aviv” – despised him with every fiber of their slave-like beings. The people of Resistance though… Throughout our region and the Diaspora, especially in the Palestinian refugee camps… Adored him. This alone should tell you anything and everything you need to know about the man and what kind of human being he was. Not too long before he passed away, Habash said, “You’ll see that the day will come soon when these borders [i.e. the walls, fences and maps designed by ‘Israel’ and Sykes-Picot] will fall and Arab unity will be achieved.”

Maybe not Arab unity. But for the first time since the genocide against the Palestinian people in 1947-1948 began with the creation of ‘Israel’, there is a strong front comprised of Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian, Yemeni, Pakistani and Afghani soldiers ready for the final battle with the ‘Israeli’ entity. And make no mistake, each and every fighter – whether Arab nationalist or Islamic liberationist – has George “Al-Hakim” Habash to thank for paving the way.

An infinite number of “thank yous” in every language on Earth still wouldn’t be enough. Uniter of Arabs. Uniter of Muslims and Christians. Uniter of strugglers across the globe no matter where they were from. Happy 92nd Earthstrong Al-Hakim. You famously said, “Palestine. All of Palestine. From the River to the Sea.” In your memory, we intend to make that true. In word. In deed. And if necessary… In blood. Rest in eternal serenity o’ glorious fedayee; o’ son of Messiah Jesus (A.S.) and his fierce opposition to the Pharisees; o’ champion of the Moustazafeen, rest in eternal serenity.


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