Reports: ISIS figurehead al-Baghdadi injured OUT OF ACTION


The Iraqi TV channel “As-Sumariya”, citing an Iraqi intelligence source, has reported that the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been “condemned to bed” following severe injuries and de facto no longer controls the terrorist group. Major Russian state media have since circulated the report. 

According to As-Sumariya, al-Baghdadi was wounded in June by an Iraqi air force strike on an ISIS-controlled Syrian village. The Iraqi planes bombed one of the terrorists’ meeting points, as a result of which several terrorists were killed and the rest, including al-Baghdadi, were severely wounded.

The Iraqi intelligence source claimed that al-Baghdadi has been replaced, as militants of Iraqi origin have installed “Abu Usman al-Tunisi” who, judging by his nickname, is probably from Tunisia. Al-Tunisi has reportedly been opposed by other Iraqi extremists.

Al-Baghdadi’s real name is Ibrahim Awwad al-Badri. He first appeared in the public eye in July 2014 when from a mosque in ISIS-seized Mosul he declared the creation of an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East. Since then, al-Baghdadi has been reported dead more than a few times. He resurfaced this May when Iraqi authorities claimed to have learned that al-Baghdadi was alive and hiding in the Syrian town of Hajin.

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Whether al-Baghdadi is or is not in control of what is left of ISIS is increasingly losing any significance it might have had. The Atlanticist-spawned terrorist group has been decisively defeated in Syria by Russian, Syrian, Hezbollah, and Iranian forces, with only one small pocket in Eastern Syria and a handful of gangs interspersed among other militant groups in the North.

Numerous reports have indicated that the Syrian Arab Army is currently preparing an offensive on the northern zone, where fragments of ISIS and other terrorist gangs have continuously splintered, clashed, and mixed with Turkish forces. The fate of this Northern Syrian battleground took another turn today with Turkish President Erdogan’s announcement of an imminent new Turkish military operation in the area.

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