Russian Cruiser on U.S list of ‘DEADLIEST’ ships in the world


The National Interest magazine included the Orlan 144 missile cruiser on the list of the world’s most powerful surface ships.

Under the Orlan project, four cruisers – Admiral Ushakov, Admiral Lazarev, Admiral Nakhimov and Pyotr Veliky – were built between 1973 and 1989 at the Baltic Shipyard. Of these, only the latter remains in service, being the Admiral of the North Fleet. The Admiral Nakhimov is undergoing modernization.

The project ships are equipped with 20 anti-ship cruise missile launchers P-700 Granit with nuclear cargo.

“Fast and powerful, the Orlan project ships have been developed to detect and destroy the US nuclear aircraft carrier, which may prove hostile towards submarine Moscow or to the territory of the country,” said the Observer magazine.

In addition, the list of the most powerful ships includes the Ticonderoga class missile cruiser and the American Arleigh Burke class destroyer. The author highlighted the presence of the Aegis anti-missile defense system equipped with SM-3 missiles.

“The Ticonderoga class ships have one of the largest missile arsenals in the world, capable of carrying up to 122 missiles of different types – SM-2, SM-6 and SM-3, RIM-17 Ticonderoga, Tomahawk, as well as anti-ship missiles ASROC,” reads the article.

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According to the author, the Kongo class destroyer is the most powerful Japanese vessel. According to Mizokami, this is a nearly exact copy of the American military ships of the Arleigh Burke class.

“Kongo class destroyers are considered to be defenders of Japan. Equipped with SM-3 interception missiles, only two destroyers can protect most of the country in case of a ballistic missile attack,” Mizokami wrote, adding that the country maintains at sea two vessels of this type, being able to fulfill its mission at any time.

In addition, the list included the groundbreaking Chinese Type 055 destroyer, which will be the largest in the world after the North American destroyers Zumwalt. It is expected that the Chinese vessel will be equipped with 112 different types of missiles, integrated with the Aegis system.

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