Russian forces have OBLITERATED more than 86,830 terrorists in Syria


By the numbers, we can see the success of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian joint campaign to liberate Syria from foreign invaders. 


As a result of Russia’s attacks on terrorists in Syria, more than 86,000 militants and 830 leaders have been liquidated, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

According to ministry data, 121,466 terrorist targets, including 970 camps, 20,513 checkpoints, 9,941 ammunition and fuel depots, 649 tanks, 731 infantry combat vehicles, 8,927 gunships were destroyed during air strikes and cruise missiles attacks.

According to the video of the entity, published on YouTube, 830 heads of terrorist formations were liquidated, over 86,000 militants, including 4,500 natives from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

These are startling figures, yet they correspond to the fact that as many as several hundred thousand mercenaries, jihadists, and the like, have poured into Syria from various countries, aided and financed by the US-Israeli alliance, including KSA, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan – all of whom are complicit in the war crimes and crimes against humanity that followed.

FRN has followed and reported on this conflict in depth since the Russian campaign began.

During Russian operations in Syria, government forces returned 96.5 percent of the territory, which was 8 percent initially, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“As a result of the operations of the Syrian military forces with the support of Russian forces more than 1,400 villages have been liberated from terrorists, more than 96% of the territory is being controlled by government forces and national militia detachments,” the video said.

Before the Russian intervention on September 30, 2015, government forces controlled only 8% of the territory.

In addition, it was reported that “more than 63,000 Russian military personnel, including 434 generals and about 26,000 officers” received combat experience in Syria.

“Since the start of the military operation in Syria, more than 1.5 million refugees have returned to their homes,” the video quoted.

It is also reported that more than 2,500 villages with a population of about 11.4 million people have joined the process of reconciliation. This represents a major diplomatic breakthrough. 

These villages, and their populations were long indoctrinated by, at first, seemingly ‘soft-sell’ Salafism – the ideology of Sunni extremists.

How did it happen?

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The US announced plans, through it’s own ‘leak’ on US national television, through the persona of ‘General Clark’, that the US planned to attack a number of countries, including Syria. This compelled Syrian leadership, as well as Libyan leadership under Gaddafi, to cooperate with the US ‘against terrorism’.

However, in reality, in effect this meant releasing terrorists from prison, under the moniker ‘rehabilitation’. Once out of prison, these terrorists were quickly organized and re-armed by the US and its regional allies, themselves.

In addition, there is a more sinister and deeper history of how numerous Syrian villages and small towns became indoctrinated by Salafist ideology in the years leading up to the ‘revolution’, which by and large was indeed an invasion.

In short, Syria’s obligations to the IMF required ‘structural readjustment’ to qualify for loans, as well as bridge loans to cover balance of payment problems, through the World Bank, or WB. This meant that austerity measures had to be taken against Syria’s social welfare system (officially ‘socialist), but this didn’t mean that the social need for such social welfare systems ceased to exist.

This allowed, in fact was required by the US, for US-AID, NED, and George Soros based philanthropic organizations, funded through the UN as well, and backed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, to fulfill basic government social services, through the NGO sphere.

However, these NGO’s were weaponized to also spread Salafist ideology, cynically exploiting the fact that the very same financiers of the NGO’s were ultimately part of the doctrine that barred Syria from performing its own social services work for its people. It became a vicious cycle. Thus, people came to associate Salafism with performing basic social-welfare and government services, thereby reinforcing the ideology of Salafism, causing the government to lose credibility, and indoctrinating the public with the view that Salafism was the basis for a good social state, based in radicalized religious precepts.

FRN notes that a similar process is used in the west, but rather than Salafism, radical gender and queer ideology is used in NGO’s that perform the work that ought to be done by western governments.

Meanwhile, more recently in the Russian anti-terrorist campaign in Syria:

Russian ships and submarines carried out 100 Kalibr cruise missile attacks on terrorist positions in Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on Wednesday.

“Ships and submarines from the Russian Navy carried out 100 attacks with Kalibr cruise missiles to terrorist positions, strategic long-range aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force – 66 attacks with aerial-based cruise missiles,” reported the video.

According to the ministry, 166 terrorist targets were hit.

In addition, the Tu-22M3 bombers were responsible for 47 group attacks against the terrorist positions of ISIS in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Homs and Raqqa, with 369 flights and up to 2,500 kilometers away to destroy 215 terrorist targets, the Russian military said.


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