Russian #ForumArmy draws popular audience, shows Iranian military cooperation against NATO


As FRN has been reporting, between August 24 and September 2, the famous military forum ARMY 2018 (#ForumArmy) is taking place in the Moscow Kubinka airfield. In addition to hundreds of Russian advanced equipment exhibited at the show, the event counts on the participation of numerous foreign delegations.

These are important for both international military-diplomatic endeavors, as well as for domestic audiences. Unlike the US military, acting as the privatized armed forces for the US corporate sector, Russia’s military exists for defensive reasons. Therefore it has the support of the vast majority of its population. Whether the demographic in question is more progressive or more conservative in nature, the military in Russia is an institution associated with healthy patriotism, and principles of non-aggression.

Therefore, the leaders of countries working to free themselves from the legacy of imperialism and colonialism, often look to the Russian military industries as historically progressive institutions, which allow these countries the material means to push back against foreign domination. This is especially true of the Axis of Resistance, in particular led by Iran.

To that end, the Iranian Aerospace Military Union Board member Reza Aslani gave a high assessment of the organization of the event and its international importance.

“It is a large-scale event that includes not only copies of brand-new military pieces, but also several exhibitions, conferences, lectures and presentations,” he said.

“It is a place of military glory for the Russian people, here there are many museums dedicated to military subjects, which we also managed to visit during the forum,” he shared.

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Aslani said that although this year Iran does not have its own exhibition, the event has “enormous importance” for the country, while the high-level delegation received an official invitation from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“In addition, we expect the exposure, on a private level, to be visited by about 100 Iranian experts, and if it had not been for the financial crisis of recent years, it would have been much larger.”

Within the framework of the forum Russia intends to broaden the diversity of its military industry and, in addition, create a “platform for a closer integration between non-NATO countries in the technical-military sector.” In other words, says Aslani, in parallel with the development of the internal arms market, Moscow increases the number of bilateral and multilateral partnerships.

“The ARCITO forum clearly has a technical-military character, but it is not a purely military event. It is an enormous platform of technologies, where you can present innovative products of both military and civilian character,” he summarized.

Iran has been a state under relentless economic and subversive action from the US, the superpower that leads NATO, as well is Israel, the regional ‘power’ that leads the US’s foreign policy in at least the Middle-east.


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