Russian Military Expert: US Attack on Iran Could Trigger WW3


The deputy chairman of the Academy of Missile Sciences and Russian Artillery, Colonel Konstantin Sivkov, has listed the places where he thinks local conflicts could trigger a Third World War in the coming future.

In his article published in the daily Russian journal The Military-Industrial Courier, Sivkov describes his view that military conflicts are “intensifying because of the aggravation of regional tensions” by Western countries.

“Once trigger could be the emergence of a Kurdish state with the separation of a part of Iraq and Syria,” the expert warned.

Sivkov also does not exclude that the internal problems of large countries, for example Turkey, could provoke civil wars.

According to him, “there is the possibility of aggression by the United States, Israel, NATO countries and their allies of the Persian Gulf monarchies against Iran.”

Sivkov’s intuition is especially daunting given the recent exposure of US plans to partition Iraq and invade Iran.

“This will be a local scale war,” Sivkov writes, the pretext being “the resumption of Iran’s nuclear and missile program or the beginning of a military conflict between Tehran and one of the key countries in the Persian Gulf, most probably Saudi Arabia.”

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The geopolitical basis of these, and other conflicts in Africa, will be opposition to Saudi Arabia and the United States, on the one hand, and China and Iran on the other, for dominance in the region,” the analyst forecasted.

In particular, Sivkov pointed to the war in Afghanistan, where China might be involved, the “sharing of spheres of influence” in the Arctic, and the commitment of some Latin American countries to liberating themselves from US tutelage as other potential flashpoints.

According to the analyst, in Asia, the main sources of medium-term military tensions lie on the Korean peninsula, between Japan and China over disputed islands, and between Japan and Russia over the Kuril Islands, as well as the Taiwan issue.

Sivkov is recurrently known for his insistence that American military power is inferior to Russia’s, and his hyper-climactic military proposals. In February 2018, Sivkov proposed creating a thermonuclear mega-missile at the cost of 210 billion dollars to liquidate the threat of asteroids. On multiple occasions, he has recommended the deployment of weapons of mass destruction to oppose the US. 

For example, in November 2017, he advised Russia, in response to the US’ exit from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, to position non-conventional nuclear arms. For example, he has argued that Russia must create very powerful nuclear warheads capable of “initiating catastrophic geophysical processes on US territory, for example, the explosion of Yellowstone volcano.”

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