Russophobia Goes back more than 100 Years – It is the ‘acceptable hate’ in the West

By Eric Arnow

By Eric Arnow – I had read Grover Furr’s work on the slanders against the USSR. And wrote about the Katyn Massacre. A Polish acquaintance I met recently called me on it, saying that even Gorbachev admitted it happened and that there were witnesses. So I contacted Prof. Furr for clarification, and he gave a link to his book. He also has a web story that partially goes into it, with a link to a Russian site.
Poland has allowed itself to be made a target for Russian retaliation, foolishly buying into the Western narrative, and many Poles, good people, buy into it as well.

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I want to address a little known but sad part of the current anti Russia hysteria. My study over the past few years has shown me that the war against Russia has been ongoing for over 100 years. The reason is not ‘personal’ against Russia. Russia’s problem is that it has a lot of resources such as oil, gas, minerals forests all of which the West covets and on which disaster Capitalism depends.

Let’s remember that the Europeans came to the Americas, both North and South and proceeded to decimate the peoples there to steal their gold, their land, everything they could, and especially in the USA through a series of broken treaties.

In that context, Trump’s broken agreements are not unusual….breaking treaties is the norm! Most recently, successive US administrations both Democrat and Republican broke the agreement not to expand NATO to Russia’s borders, and then walking out of the Missile Defense treaty under Bush in 2002.

The USSR has been accused of many crimes. The gulags, mass murder of millions of people, and more specifically, the massacre of Polish officers in WWII, known as the Katyn Massacre.

But let’s take a step back. How many times has the Western propaganda machine accused the target of its greed for crimes, which in fact didn’t happen? The ‘heathen redskin savages’, ‘Remember the Maine’, the Mexican War, when the US accused Mexico of attacking the US and stealing half of Mexico! More recently the North Vietnamese attacking a US ship in the Gulf of Tonkin–never happened. Result 4 million dead Vietnamese! Saddam throwing babies out of incubators. Never happened! Result: 500,000 Iraq children dead due to US sanctions. Saddam’s WMDs. Iraq had none. Result 1 million dead Iraqis, millions injured, orphaned, or homeless and rise of ISIS.

Assad gassing his own people. Disproven by independent Western journalists. Result: Syrian war killed 500,000 and European refugee crisis. Libya: Gaddafi issuing Viagra to his troops. Do 20 year old soldiers need Viagra? Result: Libya destroyed, thousands killed and another refugee crisis in Europe and slave markets in Libya.
And now it’s ‘Russia interfered in our elections’ along with the other accusations, none of which are backed up by forensic evidence. Don’t you see the pattern?

Now the USSR was accused of many crimes, which according to modern research have been disproven. One being the slaughter of Polish officers during WWII.

Professor Grover Furr has written a book from the first hand evidence proving that the Nazis in fact did it. We should remember that the Nazis started WWII on the basis of a lie. That Polish forces has attacked German positions. When it became clear that the USSR was going to defeat the brutal German invasion, the Nazis needed a pretext to split the alliance between England, the USA and Russia.

Even Russians believed Western propaganda. However, as mentioned modern forensic research shows, in fact, German bullets killed Polish soldiers. Poland should keep in mind the way it had signed a non aggression pact with Germany in 1934. And Germany broke the treaty and invaded. So would Germany, losing the war, lie again about its own crimes?

Why am I writing this lengthy post when I could post cute animal videos and baking recipes? Because the US, while accusing Russia of various crimes, shooting airplanes, poisoning people, killing journalists, and so on, has placed nuclear weapons right on Russia’s borders. This also violates the treaties which we in the anti nuclear movement demanded to scale back the threat of nuclear war! That’s why. And the US, by orchestrating the narrative of ‘Evil Russia’ just as it has of all the countries it subsequently destroyed, is using its powerful propaganda machine and using other countries. Germany has numerous military bases, as does Italy, and now Kosovo and nuclear capable missiles in Poland and Romania.

So here is one reason why Poland allows this–the belief that the USSR killed its officers. This book proves this narrative to be deliberately false.

Those of us in the Peace Movement have only one weapon that ‘Trumps’ the other weapons, especially propaganda. That is the ‘innocent Truth’. We must not allow ourselves or others to be manipulated into putting themselves in danger of provoking a war, much less a nuclear war, which is as close to possibility as ever!


There has never been an objective, thorough study of Katyn Forest Massacre until now. All mainstream accounts blame the USSR and Stalin for the deaths, while all the evidence points in the opposite direction.
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